UK Government Herd Immunity Policy

A policy of homicide

Comment by Christopher King

Covid-19, Anthony Fauchi, Patrick Vallance and UK Herd Immunity

Until recently it has appeared that the virus SARS-Cov-2 originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).  US Senator Rand Paul recently revealed that Professor Anthony Fauchi, Advisor to the US President has been secretly financing gain-of-function virus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Fauchi had previously applied to DARPA, the US Army's advanced research agency for funding and was refused.  He subsequently financed and therefore controlled similar research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Fauchi persuaded UK Government advisors Patrick Vallance and Jeremy Farrar to adopt the position that SARS-Cov-2 is a natural mutation and to suppress any discussion that it might have a laboratory origin although it was originally their view and that of colleagues.  The UK's homicidal 'herd immunity by infection' policy appears to have originated from Fauchi's discussions with Vallance and Farrar as well as a policy of suppressing the use of re-purposed anti-virals.  Subsequent to communication with the UK advisors Fauchi telephoned Bill Gates who initiated a discussion with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson which is also possibly related to these UK policies.  This article is an examination of the possibility that both SARS-Cov-2 and the UK's 'herd immunity' policy originated in the United States with Fauchi's research at the WIV.  The conclusion is that pending further information there is a significant probability that this is the case.  Because of UK, United States and Chinese government secrecy and politicization of the pandemic, a speculative approach is justified.


In my article of 31st May 2021 I wanted to identify Consultant Zero who persuaded the SAGE advisory committee to the UK government to let SARS-Cov-2 infections run free in the UK and induce ‘herd immunity’ in the population.  It was clear that Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor to Boris Johnson had not originated this policy himself because his original presentation material had not been thought through, particularly its statistical treatment.  It wasn’t his or the SAGE Advisory Committee's idea.   It had come from outside.  We can now identify where it probably came from: the virologist Anthony Fauchi, physician and Chief Medical Advisor to the US President.  Let’s try some conspiracy detecting, all hypothetical but perhaps a framework for others to investigate more closely.

US Congressman Rand Paul recently revealed that Fauchi has been secretly funding gain-of-function viral research (enhancing characteristics such as lethality or infectivity) through the non-profit EcoHealth Alliance at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) where it’s now clear the virus originated.  Peter Daszak, Director of the EcoHealth Alliance had previously made an application for DARPA government funding to carry out research to engineer a virus with a furin cleaving site, an extremely unusual structure that tailors it to infect humans.  DARPA rejected the application so Fauchi apparently used National Institute of Health funds channelled through the Eco-Heath Alliance to carry out his research in Wuhan.  This report is worth reading for its information about the dangers of lab-created viruses as well as Fauchi’s and Daszak’s activities.

Jeremy Farrar a senior member of SAGE and Patrick Vallance, Chair of SAGE had realised that SARS-Cov-2 was from the WIV and probably engineered.  Worried colleagues were phoning them so in early February 2020 they consulted Fauchi.   Their worry would have been that it was an escaped bio-weapon, as I described it elsewhere at the same time.  It’s worth noting that when a virus is airborne-infective, killing a lot of people and creating disruption like Covid-19 there’s no difference between a bio-weapon and an escaped vaccine experiment.  The only way to distinguish between weapon and vaccine test is to know the intention of the virus experimenter.  In the case of SARS-Cov-2 we don’t know that But we can infer it from the evidence.

US diplomatic officers had warned that the WIV was a leaky lab so Fauchi must have known this either from their warning or his personal contacts, particularly Daszak.  By funding research there he was controlling the research program for a human infective virus in a leaky laboratory.  No responsible researcher would do this, much less a highly placed government officer, advisor to the President.  The question arises therefore: Did Anthony Fauchi organize this secret research with the intention that the virus would escape?  Was SARS-Cov-2 his virus?  What motivation might prompt this?  Leaky lab or not, it is an extraordinary thing to do.

All that the SAGE physicians Farrar and Vallance knew was that a possible bio-weapon from the WIV was loose and what should they do about it?  Fauchi and Daszak are unlikely to have told them about their programme at the WIV. However, they knew that if the public realised that they had a possible viral bio-weapon about to hit them there would be unparalleled alarm, anger and the genomics industry and research would be more or less shut down and come under tight control. Jobs and careers would be lost.  A cover story was needed.  The Mail Online revealed that Fauchi, Daszak, Farrar and Vallance agreed that the official story would be that SARS-Cov-2 was a natural virus that has mutated to human infectivity via an animal intermediary.  They would suppress all publications suggesting laboratory origin or viral engineering as conspiracy theories.  They created a conspiracy.

I suggest that Fauchi also said to Farrar and Vallance something like, “Peter (Daszak) works closely with the WIV on vaccines.  We know what’s going on there.  They have some dangerous bat viruses but the vaccines will clean up this virus and in the meantime until vaccines are ready the vast majority of people will get immunity from infections.  Protect the elderly and vulnerable and you’ll have the first instance of herd immunity in a large population that will make your reputations!”  I suggest that Farrar and Vallance adopted a 'herd immunity' suggestion from Fauchi.  He’s a virologist of outstanding achievement in his field and in the highest possible political position.  They would have listened to him.

Why would Fauchi have wanted the UK to have a ‘herd immunity’ policy? 

I’ve said previously that ‘herd immunity’ looks like someone else’s experiment that they’ve either initiated with SARS-Cov-2 or opportunistically used.  Anthony Fauchi is an experimental virologist.  When you run an experiment you need two groups of people.  The experimental group receives some sort of intervention - say a medicine.  The control group of comparable people doesn’t receive the medicine.  On conclusion of the experiment the two groups are compared to see what difference the medicine makes.  The UK which is the only country in the world to have attempted ‘herd immunity’ is Fauchi’s control group that is infected by the virus with the intention that no intervention would be made. 

By early February at the time of Farrar and Vallance’s communications with Fauchi, the Chinese were throwing all their resources at the virus, they’d sequenced the genome, advised the world that it was airborne infective and were containing it by extreme measures.   On hearing from Farrar and Vallance I suggest that Fauchi, as an experimentalist, would realize that he had the opportunity to control the response of a country to the virus without fear of the scrutiny that it would get in the US.  Here were two top British virologists, advisors to the government, with the best structured National Health Service health statistics in the world, asking him what to do.  He does things secretly.

We know that Fauchi was secretly constructing a virus in China, almost certainly because he would not be allowed to do it if it were known to Congress or the President, who appears not to have known about it.  We theorize that it was his virus that escaped.  China and other countries infected with SARS-Cov-2 would be seen by Dr Fauchi  the experimenter, the observer above and external to the experiment, as sources of pandemic information, whether the infection is intentional or accidental.  It’s knowing what Fauchi was doing in China that brings into focus the control group nature of the UK’s ‘herd immunity’ policy.  The existence of a control group is very strong evidence that an experiment, that is, conscious infection in this case, is in progress.
Did Fauchi infect China intentionally as well as the rest of the world by means of his virus constructed in the leaky laboratory?  It’s only my opinion, but we have to take into account the extraordinary promotion of dual-purpose viral engineering to the WIV by the US at the University of North Carolina with help from the US army at Fort Detrick.  This was followed by Fauchi’s secret control of human infective research in the WIV consistent with the proposal that DARPA rejected.  DARPA is the US military research agency so clearly Fauchi thought that his research would be of interest as a bio-weapon by taking it to them.   I suggest that Anthony Fauchi designed SARS-Cov-2 in China under guise of vaccine development knowing that it would probably escape. Why do I think that?   Fauchi would not have used the UK as a sacrificial control group from individual scientific curiosity alone.  It would be literally an insane act and I do not suggest that Fauchi is insane.  Rather, he is very rational and arrogantly so as we see in videos of his behaviour at Congressional Committee hearings.  He has powerful backing.  The anomalous UK ‘herd immunity’ policy is evidence of lack of humanitarian ethics, with no concern for human life in the UK, China, or elsewhere.  This fits the American military mind.

What is the American military mind?  An example: On 29 August 2021 the US killed ten civilians including seven children by drone assassination targeted on the car of a Californian charity aid worker whom they suspected, from drone observation, of being a terrorist.  In itself this type of assassination is beyond any thought of ethical constraint in warfare.  It was one of many such ‘mistakes’.  Nevertheless, even when it was known who the casualties were, I heard and saw on television a military spokesman defend it: “It was a righteous strike!” he said.  Note the transcending religious justification. If the intention is righteous, then violence and deaths to anyone are justified.  That’s the US military mind.  That justification could not be made in any other country.

My reflections here are precisely about intentions since by exploring these one identifies areas where facts might be found.  Fauchi and Daszac were in touch with the US miliary as DARPA.  Their application for funding was rejected but that doesn’t mean that DARPA wasn’t interested.  It could mean that they were very interested and had a suggestion that they didn’t want to be directly associated with for everyone's deniability. This is common.  It would also fit the US military mind to suggest to Fauchi that he should undertake his project at the WIV.  WIV staff were included in experiments at the University of North Carolina  where they created human infective viruses with help from the army at Fort Detrick which supplied culture cells.  That exercise might have had the intention to generate a leak within China for which China could be blamed. Fauchi could give it a second, controlled attempt with a virus that DARPA might design.  I’ve wondered about why they would train Chinese WIV staff in creating dual use human infective viruses.  As I’ve said, the only difference between a bio-weapon and a vaccine experiment involving human infective viruses is the intention of the experimenter.  It could be said of that exercise that the WIV was being taught how to make a bio-weapon that would act against China, but subtly, indirectly.  Fauchi's programme was direct control of virus development.

So to answer the question of what would induce Fauchi to generate ‘herd immunity’ using the UK population as a control group:  Fauchi consulted DARPA, DARPA suggested or agreed it and wanted the data.  I’ve previously considered that an aggressive Chinese military faction might have released the virus, as the Hong Kong virologist Li-Meng Yan said.  The US military with Anthony Fauchi fits much better with what we now know.  In terms of aggression, the record of the US and its army's invasions and coups is far worse than any other country on the planet, together with state-approved torture at Guantanamo Prison.  There is an appendix note below on the US's acquisition of data on human trials of biological weapons from the Japanese in 1945.

It’s impossible that a rational physician like Fauchi would  press Vallance and Farrar to have a  'herd immunity' policy without powerful backing.  It hadn't come from SAGE.  As I’ve said previously from his attitude to Congressional inquiry, Fauchi is arrogant or has a higher purpose, which we might now identify as the world supremacy of the United States, often attached to a divine mandate (Biblical City on the Hill, Indispensable Country) and exceptionalism from international law.  That’s not an idea from my imagination.  Successive US Presidents have announced publicly and proudly that it is their intention to have United States supremacy in the world militarily, economically and in information.  Nuclear weapons can’t achieve this.  Other means are needed and China’s rise makes it an enemy that needs to be actively ‘contained’.  It fits very well.

Now we know the result of the SARS-Cov-2 outbreak, whether experiment by Fauchi, Daszak et al or biological attack by DARPA.  The Chinese and other Asian governments are well organized and highly effective at countering biological warfare.  The wealthy European and US governments are useless.  The UK government is worse than all because its so-called experts are willing to ignore their professional, moral and national obligations. They've deceived Parliament and the public and by inaction permited 157,000 (to date) of their fellow humans and citizens to die without attempting to help them.
Moreover, there’s been widespread silence on the truth of what is known to virologists and physicians, particularly in the UK.  There’s been suppression of scientific discussion and it appears suppression of information about re-purposed anti-virals such as ivermectin that might have made an enormous difference to deaths if used early in the pandemic.  The damage done to medicine and science, not only by Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty has been of earthquake proportions.  All for personal interests, for money and to save their jobs.

The Chinese will by now have evaluated all the information available in the WIV about Anthony Fauchi’s research.  There’s no publicly available information of any discussions about it that they might be having with the US Government.  If I were a Chinese strategist evaluating the  information only publicly known, I would think it probable that this was a biological attack by the US military and possibly a faction within the government.  The Chinese will take their time in investigating who is concerned with it and deciding what to do about it.  If the facts are as they appear to be, it will profoundly and negatively affect the Chinese view of the United States and Western countries generally.  They are a people proud of their culture with its ancient roots who feel deeply the humiliation, the loss of face, inflicted on them during the European colonial period.  They could see SARS-Cov-2 as a concealed bio-attack for which the intention was to blame them.

Fauchi’s psychological entrapment of Farrar and Vallance is instructive.  Once he had agreed with them a deceptive conspiracy about the origin of the virus and that they would suppress scientific debate about it, he had taken them outside the boundaries of medical and scientific ethics.  They were in a private ethical space without their usual reference points.  It was then easy for him to persuade them to give the UK population ‘herd immunity’ by infection.  Fauchi had the authority to convince Farrar and Vallance.  I said at the time to Chris Philp MP that it was a crazy policy and so it was, but they couldn’t recognize it.  That’s the effect of deception, which incidentally similarly showed itself in Professor Wendy Barclay’s evidence to the 16 June 2021 Parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee when she mis-described viral evolution.  She was attempting to deceive the committee into accepting that this virus had mutated via an animal intermediary to human infectivity and was by doing so outside ethical and scientific thought.

Vallance falsely claimed publicly after it was in place, that he pushed hardest for the first lockdown, giving the impression that it was he who was responsible for it.  That was to cover himself because Fauchi’s control group policy was creating mass deaths and was on course to turn the UK into a charnel house.  The lockdown was initiated by Helen MacNamara, the Deputy Cabinet Secretary who has no medical qualifications but used her brain and Johnson’s British Common Sense.  The 6th Parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee Report quotes Dominic Cummings (para 91):

On Friday the 13th [of March 2020], we then started to look through all the information and we started to pick apart all the different graphs. Ben [a No. 10 Specialist Adviser] spoke to Patrick [Vallance]; Patrick said, “I am also extremely concerned. It seems that something has gone fundamentally wrong in the wiring of the system. We have these graphs showing that even on the best-case scenario with the official plan, you are going to completely smash through the capacity of the NHS-not by a little bit but multiple times.

That’s as far as Patrick Vallance’s thinking had gone.  He had accepted Fauchi's  false narrative, perhaps believed it and acted on it.   Cummings goes on to say in para 91 that it was later on the evening of the 13th that Helen MacNamara burst in on a meeting, where Vallance was apparently not present, to get their minds focussed.  Paras 92 and 93 of the same report tells us:

92.  In evidence to the Science and Technology Committee in July 2020, Sir Patrick Vallance, said that SAGE advised the Government to implement the remainder of the menu of options for social distancing measures-in essence a full lockdown-on 16 or 18 March 2020:

93. It seems astonishing looking back that-despite the documented experiences of other countries; despite the then Secretary of State referring to data with a Reasonable Worst Case Scenario of 820,000 deaths; despite the raw mathematics of a virus which, if it affected two-thirds of the adult population and if one percent of people contracting it died would lead to 400,000 deaths-it was not until 16 March that SAGE advised the Government to embark on a full lockdown (having said on 13 March that “it was unanimous that measures seeking to completely suppress the spread of covid-19 will cause a second peak”)139 and not until 23 March that the Government announced it.

The Guardian ran an adulatory article about Vallance as the 'Adviser Who Spoke Scientific Truth To Power' based on his own claims.  In reality Vallance was talking deadly, homicidal nonsense with his 'herd immunity' policy that was probably Fauchi's.  He and Farrar had also agreed with Fauchi to propagate the improbable 'natural virus' story, to suppress scientific debate about a possible laboratory origin for the virus and also possibly to obstruct the use of ivermectin and other re-purposed anti-virals. 
I had previously thought Bill Gates to be connected with the ‘herd immunity’ policy and there is indeed a possible connection. Anthony Fauchi phoned Gates on April 1 2020 to discuss teaming up on a pandemic response.  On 19 May 2020 Gates and Boris Johnson had a video conference with Kate Bingham, head of the UK’s Vaccines Task Force present.  The web page from the PM’s diary has been removed but a copy is below as an appendix item.

Why might Gates meet with Johnson about vaccines soon after his meeting with Fauchi?  Fauchi has professional authority with and speaks the same language as Farrar and Vallance but not with Johnson.  Bill Gates the billionaire speaks Johnson’s language and can get him on board with their homicidal 'herd immunity' scheme leading to 175,000 deaths to date.  Would our cuddly PM do it?

Sonia Purnell, Johnson’s biographer (Just Boris, Aurum, 2012) was his assistant for three years when he was correspondent for the Telegraph in Brussels, covering the EU.  She says: “…one of the more consistent facets of Boris’s personality is the pursuit of money…” which is shared by his family.  At a party Purnell was asked what she really thought of Boris by his wife and replied, “I think he is the most ruthless, ambitious person I have ever met,” to his  wife’s shock.  Moreover, “…under a well-cultivated veneer of disorganization lay not so much a streak of aspiration as a torrent of almost frightening focus and drive.”  He used to exaggerate stories for effect, poach information from rivals, lie, fabricate news stories and use everyone shamelessly and get away with it.  She describes him as vindictive without using the word.  Purnell also observes that the Johnson Family considers that the rules for other people don't apply to them.

I don’t know what Boris Johnson or his family are like.  I’m relating what someone who does know them says to evaluate probabilities.  I did note however that Johnson ordered two or three water cannons from Germany for crowd control early in his tenure as Mayor of London, which shows elitist disdain, authoritarianism or intolerance for dissent as one might wish.  Theresa May, PM at the time forbade him to use them as incompatible with British culture.  Would Theresa May go along with ‘herd immunity’?  I don’t believe it.

Additional to their shared USA citizenship, Johnson and Gates probably share an interest in population control.  In February 1966 Stanley Johnson, his father, took a job at the World bank in the US in a department dealing with population control.  In an interview on the programme Victoria Derbyshire Stanley shows elitist contempt for ‘the great British public’ and elsewhere has said that the UK should have a maximum population of 16 million.  So Boris has grown up with these interventionist, it not eugenics notions as part of his family culture, which fits the elitist view of ignoring the rules that apply to his fellow citizens.  Stanley Johnson flew to Greece via Bulgaria to evade Greek Covid regulations and a UK ban on all but essential travel to get his villa in order for renting.  This is all consistent with Purnell’s views of the Johnsons.

Bill Gates, in addition to sharing views on vaccines with Boris Johnson, has also been preoccupied with solving the world problem of population vs energy and Co2 at least since his 2010 TED talk.  In this, around point 4.0 in the video he refers to vaccines in the context of reducing world population.  This worried me and many others at the time.  It’s well documented that his primary intervention interest has been by vaccines in Africa and India.  It’s reported, that the benevolence of the Gates foundation is always conditional on birth limitations of some type as part of the package.  There are also reports of regulation infringements, numerous deaths and sterilization by vaccines.  I haven’t checked these closely.  True or not, people don’t like or trust Bill Gates. 

Over-population relative to resources is factually a problem, however solutions need to be undertaken by national governments where there can be some possibility of local control, informed consent on methods and accountability.  The best means of reversing population increase is to link personal security and standard of living to reproduction.  This is well known as the reason why, discounting immigration, population growth in Europe and the USA is voluntarily static or negative.  This approach requires economic, educational and infrastructure development in disadvantaged countries. 

For Gates as an unelected individual to devise his own eugenic schemes and promote them through his very large contributions to the World Health organization and other institutions is unacceptable. Nor should he be lobbying governments in his own interests under cover of his benevolence.  That is particularly so when he’s not one of the 1% of the richest in the world but one of the .0001% who have doubled their assets over the pandemic period while everyone else is poorer. 

Let’s consider his meeting with Boris Johnson to help with the pandemic.  At the same time he was organizing a vulture buy-out of Mologic the Bedford  lateral-flow test manufacturer.  This isn’t the attitude that one would expect of a genuine billionaire humanitarian philanthropist.  Why didn’t he buy Mologic to make it a charitable manufacturer and foundation as the current Wellcome Foundation used to be before the Charity Commissioners allowed its manufacturing and intellectual property to be sold off?   Fauchi phoned Gates, we may conjecture, because he knew Gates’ interest in population control and vaccines and that he’d be interested in a real world ‘herd immunity’ experiment in the UK.  If he wasn’t working with Gates and the super-rich previously he is now and so is Boris Johnson.

The Gates / Johnson  meeting with Kate Bingham present was doubtless entirely of goodwill and future cooperation but it’s purpose, I suggest, wasn't for Gates to discuss 'herd immunity' with Johnson.  Kate Bingham was present as a witness to that.  The meeting would have been for Gates to make personal contact with Johnson.  Subsequently, an envoy from Gates could ensure cooperation with Patrick Vallance and Jeremy Farrar’s policy that had been agreed with Anthony Fauchi.

You will ask yourself: Are these deductions correct?  As far as I know they’re the only ones that join all the data points.  If anyone wants to disagree let him publish his own explanation of these events and particularly how highly qualified, eminent physicians came to implement an immunity-by-infection policy in the UK against all medical principles for controlling a virus that was known to be mass killing people in other countries.

It appears that Johnson followed the money, following Tony Blair’s example. The hypothesis is that Gates met with Johnson to get him on board Fauchi’s ‘herd immunity’ experiment and succeeded.  The whole thing seems to go back to the US military who were unquestionably involved at the University of North Carolina with whom Fauchi and Dazcak had communicated about human infective viruses.

These are elitists outside our Christian-based ethics.  They’re also the people who are running the vulture market-capitalist system and taking advantage of the opportunities that Covid-19 gives to gain greater wealth and control. 

Greg Clark, Chair of the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee declined to go into the geo-politics of SARS-Cov-2, but it’s now clear that it has enormous geo-political implications that need investigation.  Patrick Vallance, Boris Johnson with the rest of SAGE have been dishonest with the Committee and the country.  Because of that dishonesty they were diverted from accurate perception of the virus’s nature and means of managing it.    Anthony Fauchi’s secret Wuhan research funding hides dishonesty of some sort.   There’s enough known for Parliament and the country to be thoroughly alarmed. There is a significant probability that the virus SARS-Cov-2 was designed in the USA by DARPA or a team known to Anthony Fauchi. 

A group of  Republican doctors is currently criticizing Anthony Fauchi's programme that is all about vaccines rather than therapeutics (eg anti-virals such as ivermectin).  My own response to the exclusively vaccines policy proposed by Andrew Pollard of the Oxford Vaccines Group to the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee was that it was unworkable long term and that non-pharmaceutical interventions should be a front-line defense. At that time I had only encountered what is likely to be fake news about ivermectin, even by the BBC.  This is a controversy that has not yet been resolved.  Of course a cheap, effective anti-viral would immediately displace vaccines and the flow of government money to the pharmaceutical industry, which is why the controversy exists.  There is big money involved.  It is also why an urgent independent evaluation is needed of ivermectin and other re-purposed medicines. 
Boris Johnson is a chancer in the Tony Blair mould but now directly dangerous to the UK rather than to foreigners.  The Prime Minister hasn’t the British Common Sense, that he says everyone should use.  He and his Cabinet couldn't challenge a pair of physician advisers that told him to do nothing while a deadly virus that was killing people already was coming and their projections were of up to 600,000 deaths.  How much did he know?  Did they tell him about Fauchi's schemes?  Then there's Bill Gates' communication, their probable joint interest in population control and belief that the rules for others don't apply to them.  The Downing Street parties are insignificant in terms of legal offence but highly significant in terms of Johnson's motivation.
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When I first suggested that this virus was a bio-weapon to friends in February 2020 all three said that it couldn't be because it wasn't killing everyone.  It doesn't have to.  It depends on it's creator's intention.  If it kills people and creates disruption it's a bioweapon if that's the intent.  If it's an escaped vaccines experiment it's not a bio-weapon.  To kill very large proportions of the population would probably put the interests of the perpetrator in jeopardy, but not necessarily if vaccines against it were available.  All virologists know this.   Together with the possibility of viruses or bacterial bio-weapons to attack food crops and animals this is the reason why genetic weapons are far more dangerous than nuclear weapons, the field of genomics needs to be very tightly controlled. This is what everyone in the genomics industries and research fears and why very few have spoken out.
As outlined in my first article, genetic manipulation is at present available to everyone.  It is a tempting weapon for governments because they have the expertise to create not only the virus but also the vaccine.  We should note that the Japanese had the Unit 731 biological weapons research program in Manchuria from about 1932 to their surrender in 1945 in which human experiments with disease were carried out.  Both the Soviet Union and Americans captured prisoners and documentation, following which they both set up their own biological warfare units at Sverdlovsk and Fort Detrick.  The Chinese government has post-Covid released documentation about this, apparently to highlight the American pardon of the Unit's personnel who, with their documentation, they used in setting up their unit.

Gates - Johnson Meeting 19 May 2020
This is the diary note of Bill Gates’ meeting with Boris Johnson with Melinda Gates and Kate Bingham, Chair of the UK’s Vaccine Task Force present.  It is from a copy held by the writer as this link no longer shows the note.
Press release
PM call with Bill and Melinda Gates: 19 May 2020
Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to Bill and Melinda Gates today via video call.
From: Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street and The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP
19 May 2020
The Prime Minister spoke to Bill and Melinda Gates today via video call. He was joined by Kate Bingham, Chair of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce.
They discussed the UK’s contribution to helping countries around the world tackle coronavirus and the important work of the Gates Foundation in this area.
Both parties expressed their hope that a viable vaccine will be found as soon as possible.
They also shared their commitment to the vital work of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and looked forward to the upcoming UK-hosted Global Vaccine Summit on June 4th.    •
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