UK Government Herd Immunity Policy

A policy of homicide

Comment by Christopher King
22 July 2021

The Illusion Of Covid Freedom Day - And Big Business

Dominic Cummings, former Chief Advisor to Boris Johnson, confirmed on the BBC on 20th July, interviewed by Laura Kunessberg, that Boris Johnson wrote in a memo that he was reluctant to order a lockdown last year because Covid-19 was only killing the over-80s.

That’s me. 

I’m not surprised.  I knew this man for what he was from the beginning when he first stood up to announce his policy of giving the UK ‘immunity by infection’.  He had his collaborators Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty who posed as expert physicians.  I wrote this at the time to my MP Chris Philp:

Subject: The PM and Covid-19
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 18:54:09 +0000
From: Christopher King (address deleted)
To: Chris Philp MP <> <>

Dear Chris,

1. I have never heard such nonsense in my life as from the PM and his incompetent advisers today.

2. These incompetent people are not following WHO advice to TEST AND TRACK. 
3. Their measures are a continuation of the ridiculous and dangerous 'heard immunity' theory
4. *Their computer models clearly conform to the model 'garbage in - garbage out'
5. They have known about this virus for many months and have done nothing until it has reached the UK
6. Their measures to stop close contacts are bound to be ineffective. Gatherings must be closed down
7. Their assumptions about the virus's long term behaviour have no foundation.  What IS known is how to prevent a pandemic and it is not being done
8. They do not answer direct questions - merely waffle and repeat aspirations.  This is not science
The NHS has been eviscerated of front line resources and stuffed with incompetent managers on ridiculous salaries (eg Mayday in Richard Ottaway's time)

Is the government's real intention to kill off the older generation which is using up resources and thus solve the 'demographic time bomb' that is now activated?

*In terms of statistical objectives, 'flattening the curve' that is the mantra of the 'scientists' is inadequate… The government's approach guarantees that total infections and deaths will be higher than if WHO advice is followed and the NHS is much more likely to be overwhelmed.
I do not accept this nonsense and the public will not either. Please urge the PM to start using genuine science, not crazy theories and models - or worse.

Best wishes,

Christopher King
My guess at Boris Johnson’s ethics was right but I couldn’t see the whole picture.  At the time I thought these people merely incompetent, that they had made mistakes. That they were poor managers without imagination who did not know how to manage a pandemic, but there was an unsettling element that I called ‘crazy’.  It took many months for me to realise that they did know all about SARS-CoV-2 and how to manage a pandemic.  They were simply not going to do it.  Their lack of action was intentional.  They were indifferent to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and intended no action to save them.  In our Christian-based society it was difficult to accept.  According to the recent announcements by Boris Johnson, Jonathan Van Tam and Chris Whitty, that is still the case.  Even now, they will take no positive action to protect the public from the virus.

Their Plan following the science was for ‘immunity by infection’ included the deaths of 300-600,000 people  from allowing infection of 60-70% of the population.  It was a violation of the basic medical principle to save life by avoiding infection and the ancient physician’s principle: ‘First, do no harm’.  This can be nothing less than criminal.  Sage and Boris Johnson have let the original virus and three major variants into the country without constraint of travel restrictions or quarantine.  They made no effort at effective non-medical means for extinguising the virus and had no public health strategy for doing so.  Boris Johnson’s and SAGE’s Plan was to allow infections, not prevent them.   That’s why we’re in our present situation with vaccinated people being infected and despite a low death to infection ratio, variants much more infective and lethal than the original virus are out of control.  The vaccination program that they relied on is ineffective to extinguish the virus and the probability of future variants that will evade vaccinated immunity is very high.  These ‘experts’ have the country in a never-ending vaccination trap.  This was always the intention as I have explained in the main home page article.  The Plan was always to benefit the pharmaceutical companies.  Money masquerading as science beats ethics.

Here’s another email that I sent to Chris Philp MP on 17 March 2021, the day after the one above and a week prior to the March 23 lockdown:

Subject: The PM and Covid-19 (2)
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 16:14:22 +0000
From: Christopher King (address deleted)
To: Chris Philp MP <> <>

Dear Chris,

Today we learn:

1. Our genius medical advisers put an assumption into their computer model that the virus would attenuate quickly and give 'herd immunity' but it hasn't happened.  They therefore did nothing when they had the chance to contain it by testing and tracking as the WHO advised.  The result will be more cases, more deaths, a longer duration of the plague, no statistics of infection and we have an out-of-control situation.  This is criminal negligence of the most serious kind.
2. The PM hasn't ordered restaurants, bars and sporting fixtures etc closed because it would enable these concerns to claim on their insurance.  He has put insurance companies' interests ahead of the public interest and citizens' lives.

The goodwill and confidence that we have had in the PM are gone. 

Best regards,

Christopher King

The SAGE Committee’s plan clearly fitted Boris Johnson’s view of his legal and moral responsibilities to protect citizens aged over 80 or indeed anyone.  He provided no masks, support or protection to the elderly and none for the country.  It was just too bad if anyone should be infected and die.

The government politicians never did their own research on the nature of SARS-CoV-2, its similarities and differences from known coronaviruses.  It seemed a wonderful opportunity to get in bed with the pharmaceutical companies.  They would be making the vaccines forever as they do the annual influenza vaccination to which they likened it.  SARS-CoV-2 isn’t like influenza at all.  It’s unlike any other coronavirus.  It’s not a pulmonary disease as such.  It’s really a vascular disease as its major effect is clotting in the capillaries of the lungs and other organs.  That’s why we have ‘long covid’.  Its effect is inflammation of blood vessel tissue triggering thrombin  production that causes clotting.  This results in capillary micro-clots, particularly of the lungs as sites of first infection, then in other organs causing tissue damage for lack of oxygen.  

As a hint of future variant possibilities, fragments of the virus have been found incorporated in the human genome which is what HIV does and why it’s incurable.  It’s necessary to understand the extreme danger that this virus poses from its formation of future variants.  Variants are demonstrating increased lethality rather than the attenuation that SAGE has been obsessively and putting into its failed models on the basis of hope rather than on scientific knowledge.

On Sky television, 6th July 2021 at about 8:28 am, Jeremy Hunt MP, a former Health Secretary said that we’ve had two lockdowns despite ‘test and trace’ because too many people didn’t self-isolate when they should have.  Mr Hunt would have us believe that the lockdowns weren’t due to the government’s ‘herd immunity’ policy from January 2020 that intentionally let the virus spread and infections rise, nor the lack of PPE, border security, quarantine and a public health policy generally.  Nor did he mention that the government had let in four dangerous variants through lack of defences.  There seems to have been no media reaction so Boris Johnson clearly feels that he can get away the view that the government isn’t now, never has been and won’t in future be responsible for Covid-19 and its consequences.  The official story is that lockdowns (and deaths one presumes) are due to irresponsible behaviour by the public.

With infections rising rapidly despite vaccines and due to at least three major SARS-CoV-2 variants, SAGE and Boris Johnson have removed all legal constraints on public behaviour to give us Freedom Day.  We can behave as we like and go where we like.  But there’s a catch.  At their press conference on 19 July 2021 Boris Johnson, Chris Whitty and Jonathan Van Tam made it clear that whatever happens from now on it’s all up to us, the public.   Individual choice and responsible behaviour are now the protection principles.  SAGE and the government aren’t responsible.  The coming lockdown won’t be their fault.  Well, I clearly recall Boris Johnson declaring a few months ago “No more lockdowns!”  Patrick Vallance assured Stephen Dixon of Sky News and the public on 13 March 2020 that he had a Plan produced by ‘a panel of world-leading scientists and leading academics from many disciplines’ to do what they wanted.  What happened to that?  I have a video of the interview.  It included the deaths, not infections, deaths of 300-600,000 people from a Plan for ‘herd immunity by infection’ and was followed by three lockdowns and 128,000 deaths to date.  Where’s the Plan now?

At this point, the SAGE Committee has realised that the game is up.  They’ve been knowingly killing people with a crazy policy from the beginning.  They’ve killed tens of thousands and its becoming uncomfortable.   New variants are arising world wide and the government has not been developing effective barriers to them.  The virus is out of control in the UK and could evade vaccinated immunity with a new variant at any time so they’ve had to confess the situation to the politicians.  SAGE is a fraud.  Boris Johnson and the government are in a panic and are colluding with SAGE in a cover-up plan to renounce responsibility before the public realises the situation. The objective is to evade criminal prosecution.   Their present announcements are based on the assumption that the public has a short memory and that a Big Lie always works.

SAGE and government ministers are responsible for well over 100,000 homicides due to their crazy ‘herd immunity by infection’ policy that they planned from January 2020, the beginning of the pandemic. It was contrary to all medical principles of infection control.  There’s a massive cover-up taking shape before our eyes.  Boris Johnson, the SAGE Committee and responsible ministers must be tried for criminal homicide.  

I’m delighted to see that the British Medical Association objects to the government lifting legal restrictions aimed at infection prevention.  Ministers are wording ‘opening up’ in such a way that the government takes no responsibility for what happens.  The BMA and medical sector should take over the narrative about the virus and preferably set up an independent committee to give information and instructions to the public on how to reduce infections.  The SAGE committee and government have never done this and are clearly not going to do it.  I’ve suggested this in a letter to BMA Council Chair, Dr Chaand Nagpaul following his earlier remarks about the dangers of abandoning precautions against infection.  On 11 December 2020 I had written to Charlie Massey, CEO of the General Medical Council to suggest that the medical sector needs to act in the public interest since the government won’t do it.  The GMC advised me to take out a complaint against Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer - bureaucratic nonsense instead of medical responsibility.    I’m now writing to Parliamentary Select Committees direct in desperation to get some sanity into government policy. 
Copies of two Committee letters are appended.  It’s unlikely however that the Committees will make the case to Parliament that the Johnson government has to be thrown out and that we need a no-nonsense public inquiry right now.

Following the last lockdown there was no sign of any government action that would avoid yet another infection peak and lockdown, which is now inevitable.  It is not that the government has underestimated the virus’s infectivity or danger.  The lack of non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) action is policy.  Vaccines do not prevent infection and new variants.  Only NPI measures such as infection-avoidance education , effective masks, quarantine, etc reduce infections and prevent new variants.

Earlier in the week I was listening to House of Lords questions addressed to Lord Bethel for the Dept of Health and Social Care.  He was asked a question about making FFP3 grade masks available to front line hospital staff.  Lord Bethel couldn’t answer the question because he didn’t know what an FFP3 mask is.  (For information, FFP3 is 99% virus size filtration, FFP2/N95 is 95%. Surgical masks are effectively useless for airborne virus protection.  The government should be making FFP2 masks available to the public but isn't.  All front-line workers should have FFP3). This is basic survival information and the Minister himself doesn't know it.  Our politicians are totally ignorant about the virus, yet they're supposed to manage it.

It is difficult to believe that the government is permitting the present growing peak in infections and deaths due to the Indian variant.  It is wilful, criminal homicide and a terrible long-term hazard.  We now have the variant from Peru as well, which from the deaths there, is at least as deadly as those already in this country.  These variants entered the UK while the government did nothing to prevent it.  The government has never attempted to control them except with lockdowns and of course with vaccines that do not extinguish the virus.   The notion of quarantine might never have existed nor the concept of a pandemic management plan. 

As I’ve said, the British Government’s policy of ‘herd immunity by infection’ in response to the pandemic was anomalous.  No other country had it and those that were most successful in combatting the virus had precisely the reverse policy, that is, one of infection prevention.   We need to ask how the UK anomaly occurred.

Someone introduced the anomalous idea of ‘herd immunity by infection’ with a virus that was already killing people to Boris Johnson, Patrick Vallance and the SAGE committee.  These people adopted it publicly but it does not appear in the Committee minutes.  Dominic Cummings told us that the minutes do not reflect what was discussed in Committee and that is plainly correct. 

In his evidence to the Science and Technology Select Committee, Dominic Cummings mentioned Bill Gates as involved in vaccines policy formation and that he had at least one (zoom?) meeting with Boris Johnson.  Mr Gates is obviously an anomalous person to be involved in government policy formation.  According to The Sun of 10 November 2020 (among others), Mr Gates, Boris Johnson and vaccine company executives discussed vaccine strategy that day.   

In a question to Dominic Cummings during his Committee evidence session, Dawn Butler MP asked what he knew about Amnesty’s statement that “Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK Government has quietly granted access to millions of individual UK health records to Amazon, Microsoft (Bill Gates), Google and Palantir to build a Covid-19 ‘datastore’.”  These companies want personal data from everyone.  The NHS has the best and largest store of structured machine readable data in the world and these companies were given access to it on an emergency basis for two years during the pandemic.  According to this BBC article (so it must be true) their access was for the purpose of making recommendations about how best to deploy resources to deal with the pandemic.  That means policy.  It appears that these companies and Bill Gates in particular were involved in the decision to have an experimental ‘immunity-by-infection’ policy for the country and they want the data.

We need to know what, exactly, was the involvement of these companies and Mr Gates.  What meetings have they and he had with Boris Johnson, ministers and SAGE members.    The SAGE minutes tell us nothing, yet ‘herd immunity by infection’ promoted primarily by Patrick Vallance appeared out of no-where.  Were these companies and Mr Gates involved in this?   Bill Gates has nothing to offer Boris Johnson and the SAGE Committee except money and his agenda.  The British Government does not need his money, so what has been his involvement and what is his agenda?  If he has been involved in UK public health policy the public has a right to know. 

As a hint of what’s happening, Forbes business news of 19 July 2021 reports that Billionaires
George Soros <> and Bill Gates <> are part of a consortium negotiating to buy Bedford based Mologic, a U.K.-based developer of lateral flow Covid tests.  The reasons that they give are philanthropic and humanitarian of course, but there’s money to be made from testing as well as vaccines.  This is how the super-rich become super- rich: they buy up innovators and competitors, particularly in areas critical to public welfare.  This gives access to public money.  How does this predatory transaction fit into the government’s policy for the development of UK companies and a post-Brexit strategy?  Any such strategy will be as effective as its SARS-CoV-2 strategy - for the public.  Not for insiders.  The public are sheep to be shorn - or abandoned to die if too old.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus from the vicinity of the Wuhan Institute of Virology is a manufactured virus on the basis of probability and as the basis for a prudent, precautionary policy.  The UK government’s extraordinary ‘immunity-by-infection’ policy, contrary to all medical principles, adopted while the virus was killing people in China, demonstrates inexplicable intentionality.  As I have said in a previous article, it has the appearance of an experiment in the spread of infection.  It is indisputably an experimental policy because it has never been attempted before for reasons of medical ethics.  It also measures certain means of controlling this virus.  These control means are easily identified as lockdowns, test and trace and vaccines. 

The UK is the ideal country for carrying out a country-wide experiment in which good statistical data are required.  USA health records are fragmented and the EU would never accept the idea of ‘herd immunity by infection’ for both ethical and bureaucratic reasons.  Australia and New Zealand had immediately adopted the opposite infection prevention policy and developing countries’ data would be unreliable.  The UK’s NHS however has accurate and detailed records of everyone in the country.  Access to these is controlled by the departmental Minister and Prime Minister.  Policy is advised by a single expert committee, SAGE, and implemented by the Prime Minister.  Decision-making is highly concentrated in these few people.  Parliament was not involved in making the decision to adopt ‘immunity by infection’ months before it was publicly announced.   

The government has announced that NHS data at individual level will be made available to third parties, that is, to the pharmaceutical and data analysis companies.  The intentionality of this unique, experimental policy of ‘immunity by infection’ in the case of a manufactured virus and with the involvement of Big Pharmaceutical Business in the government’s SARS-CoV-2 policy, is therefore a matter for grave concern.

The NHS data set for the entire country is unique in the world.  It has enormous commercial value to the genomics industry and the industry wants to have it. 

By allowing the level of country infection to increase in an unimpeded manner with ‘herd immunity by infection’ interspersed with lockdowns, then with the introduction of vaccines, the value of the data set is greatly increased.  It’s nice clean comprehensive digital data that’s already well categorized and organized.  That appears to be the experiment.  Its cost as Boris Johnson has said, is the over-80s.  It originally looked like that and it still does.  But there’s more.

As I write, Gareth Southgate, England football manager, is on television urging young people, “Get your freedom back - get the vaccine!” Messrs Johnson, Whitty and Vallance, talking gibberish, originally said that young people were in no danger from their ‘herd immunity by infection’ policy.  Now they are.  This is probably because of the imported variants that they’ve let in.  It could also be because of UK point mutations (natural virus adaptation) or viral recombination (exchange of genetic material when someone is simultaneously infected with two strains eg the Indian and Peruvian strains).  These mutations are virus’s means of adaption to stress, particularly vaccines but also to the immune systems of younger people.  I’m not a virologist, but this is probably what’s happening.  The truth is that the entire UK population has been at risk from this virus from the moment it left China, killing people along the way, but SAGE and the government actually allowed infections to rise.  They’ve now taken their hands completely off the controls.  There’s no-one in the UK with responsibility for combatting SARS-CoV-2, the worst pandemic in living memory and potentially the worst in history.

To be clear, at present vaccines do protect against the worst effects of Covid-19 but they still permit infection and viral mutation.  Immunity fades and mutations arise so vaccines are not the cure.  They’re a sticking plaster.  The solution to SARS-Cov-2 is to extinguish the virus by eliminating infections.  Variants from other countries have to be kept out and infections kept down.  Even partial success keeps illness and variant formation down.  The Johnson government never accepted this and is compromised beyond redemption by tens of thousands unnecessary deaths.  To extinguish the virus this do-nothing government has to resign or be thrown out.

Let’s summarize the present position.  The UK is no longer in the hands of Parliament.  It is in the hands of pharmaceutical companies, data mining companies and billionaires.  This is where power is concentrated and to where our public funds are being syphoned off.  Worse, by the government allowing the virus to infect the whole country everyone’s lives will be dependent on vaccines from these companies for years to come.  It is unprecedented.  Those who are celebrating Freedom Day and the politicians who supported them are living an illusion.  Life and death for them is now dependent on and controlled by Big Business.  They have not thought about what is happening before their eyes.  Far from being free, the UK population has no option but to trust Big Business and do as it’s told.

Christopher King

22 July 2021



Emails of Desperation to UK Parliamentary Select Committees

Subject: SARS-CoV-2 Extinction Policy Essential
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2021 14:39:38 +0100
From: Christopher King 
To: Chris Philp MP <>, Chairman <>,,, Science And Technology Committee <>

Chair, Science and Technology Committee
Chair, Health and Social Care Committee
Chair, Public Accounts Committee
Chair, Conservative Party
The Rt Hon Chris Philp MP

Dear Rt Hon Members,

A SARS-CoV-2 Extinction Policy Is Essential

I am attaching a copy of my letter of 25 June 2021 to the Chair of the Science and Technology Committee.

Sajid Javid's appointment as Health Secretary is an ideal occasion to implement the policy to extinguish this virus that should have been implemented from the beginning.  It has to be done because the future scenario that Sir Andrew Pollard outlined to the Science and Technology Committee on 16 June 2021 is unstable.

The SAGE Committee and Boris Johnson had a 'herd immunity' policy contrary to the basic medical principle to save life by preventing infection in the case of a virus that was known to be killing people.  That policy caused probably more than 100,000 unnecessary death if we compare the UK's performance with SE Asian countries and Australia.  They are lying and playing semantic games in denying that they had this policy.  Similarly they have never accepted the very high probability that SARS-CoV-2 is a manufactured virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and therefor highly unpredicable.  SAGE Member Professor Barclay's evidence to the Committee shows this.  Everyone connected with this wildly wrong set of beliefs is desperately attempting to bury the truth of what they have done.  It is going to come out anyway so the best course is to deal with the mess that these people have created as soon as possible to minimize the damage to the country.

It would be simplest and best for the country for Sajid Javid to simply assemble an advisory committee that believes in extinguishing the virus and to implement the proven strategies that the SE Asian countries and Australia used.  Those responsible for the disastrous policies to this point should take no part in future strategy and management.  SAGE in particular should confine their activities to laboratory work.  As government advisors they are not only disastrous but are deliberately propagating false ideas to obfuscaste what they have done. 

Current policy and Sir Andrew Pollard's strategy are reactive, passive approaches that do not kill the virus.  Vaccines only give partial immunity and alleviate symptoms.  The virus is still alive to mutate and seek to evade the vaccines used against it.  As Sir Andrew correctly describes the situation, the virus has the initiative.  We need the proactive infection prevention strategies that the SE Asian countries and Australia used.  They take the initiative against the virus, are simple and easy for everyone to understand and actually work.  They reduce infections which vaccines fail to do.  In reducing infections they reduce mutations, illness and deaths.  A comparison of strategies shows clearly that there is no option to adopting an infection prevention strategy.

The long term outcome of this plague is uncertain.  We need to get out act together with a serious infection prevention strategy because as Sir Andrew admitted the virus is always going to be here and will always escape vaccines.  A strategy based on vaccines is therefore a losing strategy and is unacceptable.

I wish that this situation were otherwise but I am going to say 'I told you so' because I have been saying that government strategy is wrong and dangerous  from 16 March 2020 and have been writing to my MP Chris Philp about it ever since.  I am  alarmed and disappointed that Members do not seem to understand what is happening around them and its grave implications for the future.

Kindly note that unless marked 'Confidential' I regard all my letters to Members of Parliament as open and available for pubication on my website.

Best wishes,

Christopher King MSc DipM DMS
Member Croydon Conservatives

Tel: 020 8668 1752

(Address deleted)

25 June 2021

The Rt Hon Greg Clark
Science and Technology Select Committee
UK Parliament

Dear Mr Clark,

Committee Evidence Hearing of 16 June 2021

You asked the three scientists who gave evidence what we might expect from the new variants of SARS-CoV-19. I would ask you to kindly consider some additional information.

The single most important indication of what we might expect is that it has been found to incorporate fragments of itself into the human genome as HIV does.  That is why HIV cannot be cured.  Please see this paper by
Jaenisch and Young, May13 2021:

If SARS-CoV-2 should achieve this capability together with its existing air-borne infection, our way of life would collapse and humanity would be fortunate to survive.  There are doubtless other equally lethal possibilities yet to emerge.

In general, we should expect the worst and that could be anything at all.  There is a high probability that this is a manufactured virus that is ‘alien’ to us in that it would not have occurred in nature.  It is conservative and prudent to treat is as such.  You are aware that mutation numbers are directly related to infection numbers.  There is a very large number of infections world wide and a correspondingly high probability of mutations, many of which will be unpredictably lethal.  This is what one might expect and is what we are seeing in a very short time.

Professor Wendy Barclay was mistaken in the example of convergent evolution that she gave to the Committee.  Her example was not of convergent but of parallel evolution because her spatially separated centres of virus evolution have the same progenitor.  Convergent organisms have different progenitors.  I suggest that Professor Barclay was confused because of her anxiety on behalf of SAGE to assert that SARS-CoV-2 had an animal host as intermediary to a human host.  Hosts are not relevant to convergent evolution.  Professor Barclay and SAGE are desperate to have you and the public believe that this is a naturally occurring virus despite compelling evidence to the contrary.  Dr Barclay’s error illustrates how fixation on a desired outcome despite contrary evidence distorts one’s thinking.  It is a departure from honesty and rationality into chaotic thinking.  For this reason the SAGE Committee, ministers and the Prime Minister who deny that they ever had a ‘herd immunity’ policy and insist on an animal-mediated virus cannot be allowed to participate in future development of strategy and management of the pandemic in the UK.  Their thinking is flawed because they have killed tens of thousands of people and are denying it.  They are denying fact.  Their minds were already confused in adopting their homicidal policy contrary to medical principles.  They are now sick and unreliable. 

Sir Andrew Pollard has predicted a time when we will have a stable relationship with the virus.  Hospitalizations will be controlled by vaccines.  This prediction is based on hope, not evidence.  It is not a stable relationship when, as Sir Andrew has said, the virus will always escape vaccinated resistance.  It is a situation always on the brink of disaster.  The logistics of regular whole-country vaccinations to maintain such a state are impossible together with the possible breakout of much more lethal variants such as an airborne HIV-type variant of which we already have hints.  We should recall that SAGE’s initial evaluation of of the virus was mistaken, its herd immunity policy was disastrous, it failed to keep infection numbers down following lockdowns and it let the Indian variant into the country to begin a new series of increasing infections.   SAGE, the government and Sir Andrew all have passive, reactive policies.  Such reactive policies do not extinguish the virus, or prevent infections, mutations and deaths.  We need the aggressive, proactive strategy that should have been organized in January 2020 according to the East Asian examples and normal medical principles.  It is not valid for those responsible to say that those countries had experience of pandemics while we did not.  Dominic Cummings said that they were not appropriate to our (superior?) culture.

I have been through the SAGE minutes and found them to be a story of obsessive modelling, proposals, reviews, lists, waiting for data, postponements, lack of evidence, etc. but no action. There are no references to ‘herd immunity’ in the minutes.  The minutes are falsified since this policy was publicly announced and explained by Sir Patrick Vallance, Chris Whitty and Boris Johnson, with diagrams of imaginary infection peaks on televsion in mid-March 2020.  Nevertheless, on 23 May 2021 at about 9:30 am on the BBC Andrew Marr show Dr Jenny Harries, Chief Executive of the UKHSE said that “...herd immunity had never been on the table”.  These people cannot face what they have done; they are in denial and think that a lie or semantic twists will erase it from the reality of perhaps 100,000 deaths that they have caused and their own minds.  It is not possible.

We need to know who introduced ‘herd immunity by infection’ to SAGE and the government.  We need to know what inducements led them to accept it and the motivation of the person who introduced it.  SARS-CoV-2 has changed our society and world.  Many do not understand this because the government has not explained it to them.  It is impossible to trust those who deny physical reality.  The reality of their policy is killing people at this moment when the obvious need was to keep infections, mutations and deaths down.

We need a proactive policy to extinguish the virus based on Australian and SE Asian experience.  Parliament cannot maintain confidence in the Prime Minister in view of his participation in this disaster.  A completely new team is needed.  Parliament will seek some sort of compromise.  That would be to compromise with the virus which as Sir Andrew has implied, will never compromise.

A strategy to extinguish the virus should commence well before winter when as the ‘experts’ say the virus ‘comes back’.  It does not come back.  It will be continuously present until we extinguish it. It spreads in winter due to our behaviour of congregating in unventilated venues for extended periods.  We need to learn safe behaviour for ourselves and others and about environmental safety.  That is how SARS-CoV-2 will be extinguished.

Best wishes,

Christopher King MSc DipM DMS