We wanted an anti-viral and got a genetic engineering experiment

Comment by Christopher King


This is a must-see video even if you don’t read anything else.  It shows how ivermectin was discredited, made unobtainable, can't be prescribed and who's involved.

Thinking about this topic, let’s bear in mind that Dr Anthony Fauchi, Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States created the Sars-Cov-2 / Covid 19 virus in China at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  This isn’t officially proven.  Everyone knows it and we have the original research proposal to DARPA, the US Military and commentary by the Daily Mail.  The reason why it isn’t officially proven is that the US government won’t have an enquiry into it.  The BBC recently used the University of Saskatchewan to say that it developed in an animal.  It's false information.  Please see the comments by Dr Peter McCulloch about the origin of the virus and the effects of the mRNA vaccines against it. (There are ads on this video to point 5.15 and half way through).

Let’s also bear in mind that the Chair of the SAGE Covid advisory Committee Sir Patrick Vallance and Committee Member Sir Jeremy Farrar, both physicians,  entered into a conspiracy with Anthony Fauchi to suppress all research and discussion about a laboratory origin for the virus and to assert a fictitious animal origin.  I suggest that Fauchi also suggested to these conspirators the UK Government’s ‘herd immunity’ policy, contrary to all standard medical practice, now with nearly 200,000 deaths. 

Then there’s Bill Gates’ meeting with Boris Johnson to discuss Covid policy two weeks after he met with Anthony Fauchi.

How the Anti-Viral Ivermectin Was Discredited

In October 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) gave Dr Andrew Hill at Liverpool University the assignment to review reports that ivermectin was effective in treating Covid-19.  Dr Hill carried out the review with colleagues including the WHO consultant Dr Tess Laurie.  Their conclusion was that ivermectin was very effective against Covid-19 and they were to write a joint report recommending its use. 

Without consulting his colleagues, Dr Hill wrote his own report saying that further trials were needed before approving ivermectin.  This report was the basis for the WHO’s recommendation to world governments to withhold regulatory approval for using ivermectin to treat Covid-19.  

Dr Laurie found that Dr Hill's report, written under his own name, also included input from unnamed individuals from the grant-giving organization Unitaid that is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation together with various government agencies.  I've mentioned previously that the Gates Foundation also gives large donations to the WHO, the UK’s medicines regulatory agency MHRA and the USA’s regulatory agencies the CDC and FDA.  Gates has investments in the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture anti-Covid vaccines and purchased the Bedfordshire vaccine test manufacturer Mologic at the same time as discussing Covid policy with the UK’s Boris Johnson.  Ivermectin can be purchased over the counter in India for example but physicians in the USA and Australia are disciplined by their medical boards should they prescribe it for Covid-19.  In the UK physicians don’t dare to use or prescribe it for Covid-19  for fear of being struck off.

It hardly needs to be said that if the cheap, safe medicine ivermectin could substantially control the pandemic, Bill Gates and his collaborators' investments in the pharmaceutical industry's vaccines and their plans to milk governments around the world of trillions of pounds would be worthless.

Dr Hill’s university department received a $40 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Dr Hill is now a consultant to the Gates Foundation.  As I’ve said previously, this is how the super-rich are progressing their agenda of control.  They simply buy people.  Tony Blair and Boris Johnson are excellent examples.   Dr Hill has subsequently published a paper that reverses the positive view of ivermectin in his original report.  This is based on allegations and an investigatory report that a major study cited in his original report contained fraudulent data. 

The problem now is that Dr Hill himself is compromised and with Gates money involved it’s impossible to resolve this situation.  Whether fraudulent data was involved or not, I accept the views of the FLCCC Alliance firstly because they’re clinicians with experience of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine; secondly because they’re honest.  What we do know for certain is that Bill Gates’ money subverted this scientific inquiry and its conclusions, fraudulent data or otherwise.

I’d known from internet sources, particularly the clinicians of the FLCCC that ivermectin use was being suppressed but have only now discovered how it was done in this video by Dr Hill’s former colleague Dr Laurie.   Click here to see Dr Laurie’s video if you didn’t see it at the beginning of this article. 

USA physicians are speaking out about the suppression of ivermectin and other treatments as well as of the capture of government regulators by the Gates Foundation and pharmaceutical industry through their bribes. 

As I’ve said in my previous article, it’s worse than that.  The USA’s military-industrial complex (M-I Complex), including the super-rich, Davos and Bilderberg groups have now captured EU and other governments, including the UK government via Boris Johnson, Patrick Vallance and the SAGE Committee.  The objective is to control the entire world by controlling the money supply, food supply, the media and access to basic services such as water, electricity, communications, gas and oil.  Wars such as the Ukraine war serve multiple purposes; funnelling profits to arms companies, creating chaos, weakening economies, creating famines and distracting from the super-rich's objective of achieving control of the world. 

Covid-19 is part of a multi-pronged attack on humanity that weakens society and trains people to comply with its experimental genetic intervention, channels money to the pharmaceutical companies, trains the population to follow instructions and weakens advanced economies.  The current Ukraine war is another aspect of this plan for control.  This sounds unbelieveable, but the super-rich live lives of privilege and indulgence with sycophancy that are outside our experience.  They are different beings who have created their own reality in which nothing is impossible.  Why not rule the world?

As I’ve discussed, the Ukraine war has been planned by the NATO element of the M-I Complex to keep Russia from integrating with Europe but it serves other purposes that we see as harmful but which are positive to the M-I complex.  The effects of this war will have been modelled to include gas, oil, electricity and food shortages, rocketing inflation and civil unrest from these.  At the same time the bankers are talking about raising interest rates to control inflation that is now being caused by supply shortages, not only their money printing.  Civil unrest will give captive governments the opportunity to pass restrictive laws if not martial law.  As a means of restricting the food supply, governments are now taking farming land out of production as in the Netherlands.  There are proposals to restrict meat production, allegedly in the interests of health, emissions and the environment. 

Taxes and inflation are now tools of impoverishment and control.  Bill Gates, it should be noted, is one of the USA’s biggest farmland owners with 242,000 acres or 378 square miles.  In one piece it would take over two and a half hours to drive around it at 30 mph.  If it were a square on a London scale, two of its sides would be from Marble Arch west to Slough and south to Reigate.  Gates is not the biggest USA land owner however.  That appears to be John Malone, current chairman and largest shareholder in Liberty Media (UK Virgin Media) with esttimated 2.2 million acres or 3437 square miles.

Although Gates has suggested that we poor people should be vegetarians or eat insects and factory foods, it’s doubtful that he and his super-rich friends will join us in living on these delicacies.  He has investments in the highly processed factory foods that are our future diet.

Trouble With Vaccines

The damaging effects of the genetically engineered remedies to Dr Anthony Fauchi’s genetically engineered virus have been mentioned in the Epoch TV video above.  These genetic interventions are weakening our immune response to other infections and creating other conditions.  This shows as  ‘all causes hospitalization/illness across all ages and relates to vaccination status, ie having more mRNA vaccinations increases the probability of illness from all causes other than Covid.  That they weaken our immune response is important because the Grand Strategy that Professor Sir Andrew Pollard confidently asserted to the UK Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee on 16 June 2021 was to produce a succession of vaccines to contain variants of SARS-Cov-2 as they arise.  That never was a viable strategy and particularly not now that the adverse effects of mRNA interventions are now becoming known.  There is a strengthing view that the vaccines have worse effects than the virus.

Above is a chart of Australian data showing all-cause hospitalization by vaccination status.  The link to the report is or click here.  It's best to go to the website as I can't manipulate the chart for reasons unknown.  The chart takes time to load, perhaps up to 30 seconds but it's much clearer than the imported one.

The damaging effects of the mRNA vaccines are also important because our governments and the pharmaceutical companies now want us to accept a new single shot that combines two different manufacturers’ vaccines against new extant variants.  This is another experiment on the population.

From my personal experience and on-line medical reports I believe that this mass vaccine programme should be terminated.   We need good food for good health, not Bill Gates’ rubbish.  We need good public health measures including natural immunity boosters such as vitamins C, D3 and K, FFP2/3 masks for high risk situations, good public health information and other non-pharmaceutical means for preventing this bad situation getting worse.  You’ll see this in my previous articles.  I told my MP Chris Philp in March 2020 that Boris Johnson, the UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance and Chief Medical Advisor Chris Whitty were talking nonsense with their ‘herd immunity’ policy in March 2020 before our first lockdown.

The UK medical sector has been captured by the money of the pharmaceutical companies, dependence on NHS funding and fear of being struck off by their medical boards if they use unapproved medications.  The UK parliament is completely dysfunctional in the face of a genuine threat.  Its quality could be seen following the Brexit vote when half its members did not know what democracy is.  They wanted another vote because they didn’t like the outcome of the referendum that they themselves had approved.  Earlier parliaments went along with killing foreigners in the USA’s Middle Eastern wars. More recently,  they’ve complied with the Johnson government’s murderous policies in response to Covid-19 and ignoring the causes, are happy to stoke the USA's proxy Ukraine war with Russia. 

There’s a simple and important principle here.  When people start getting killed there’s something wrong.  You don’t continue to do it.  You ask ‘Why is this happening?’  It applies to politics as well as meticulous aircraft crash investigations.  Speaking of which, I’m reminded of the occasion on July 3 1988 when the US cruiser Vincennes shot down an Iranian Airbus, killing 290 people with the ship in Iranian waters and the aircraft in Iranian air space.  The captain and  weapons officer were awarded medals for ‘meritorious service.’  After this, there was no chance that there was going to be an honest inquiry into Malaysian flight MH17 shot down in the leadup to the present Ukraine war. 

Why does our UK Parliament believe that the USA is a benign democracy when it’s been  killing people all over the world and now with Covid-19, its vaccines and the Ukraine war in Europe?  We need a Prime Minister and Parliament that can face and investigate this question.  I’m not voting for either of our current two contenders although I have a vote.  Both are happy with the status quo.  One is as enthusiastic for the Ukraine war as Boris Johnson.  Why?  It’s a genuine puzzle.

We're really talking morality and honesty rather than politics.  It’s immoral to kill people and to do most of the things that the USA’s Military-Industrial complex is doing.  We live in a morally conflicted culture so it isn’t surprising that our politicians are morally conflicted.  There's a choice as to whether morality has precedence over politics or the converse.

This is an excellent video by the Australian physician William Bay who disagrees with his government’s Covid vaccination policy.  He’s at the point where he has discovered the meaning of morality and made himself psychologically whole.  I wish that our politicians would take note.  Some are aware of conflict and have promise.  This is where genuine courage comes in and we decide what sort of society we want to live in.  Take the step, Chaps!

Physicians of conscience might take note of Dr Robert Malone as Dr Bay did.  Dr Malone was one of the original inventors of mRNA technology.  He is now one of the foremost critics of the vaccines.   If you have difficulties with this website, Dr Peter McCullough discusses the problems with vaccines in Australia

Dr Bay tells an important story:  A family friend died following vaccination, was resuscitated and told by her doctors that it was due to the vaccine.  Nevertheless, they insisted that she should have the second shot - and she accepted it (evidently without further harm).  People hate to change their basic views, even for better ones.  Bill Gates and the super-rich have discovered that this is our great weakness, enabling the authority and expertise of a captured medical profession to over-ride the natural self-preservation instincts of most of the population.  Dr Bay says that someone (a doctor?) said "It's ok to die." It’s all for the greater good.  No it's not.  We're being deceived by our governments as we're beginning to find out.

Please see Dr Peter McCulloch's evidence to the Texas Senate HSS Committee about the US government and medical sector response to Covid-19. [12 Dec 22 I have had to renew the original link, which had been altered, to this clip] There was no response at all and no critical voice raised against a policy based on no treatment and then exclusively vaccines.  This was the UK response master-minded by Patrick Vallance who was in communication with Anthony Fauchi in the USA.  The UK government wasn't managing the pandemic so on 11 December 2020 I wrote to Charlie Massey, CEO of the General Medical Council to say that the narrative should be taken out of the UK Government's hands and the GMC should set up an independent medical committee to examine means of combatting Covid-19.   A copy is in the appendix to my first article dated 21st April 2021.   This is exactly Dr McCulloch's suggestion.   He approached from a treatment point of view; I approached it from a management viewpoint.  Of course the GMC brushed off my suggestion. 

There is an astonishing culture in our society of compliance, failure of interest, failure of curiosity, failure to question, together with a view that everything will work out alright by doing nothing.  It's difficult to define.   People trust our governments.   The lessons of Tony Blair and the Iraq war, of our MPs who wanted a second Brexit vote, of Boris Johnson's 'herd immunity' and the Ukraine war with its consequences unfolding before our eyes haven't been even identified, much less learned.  Our MPs and governments have been captured by the internationalists with their New World Order. 

We're in grave trouble for our lives and our politicians aren’t the people to get us out of it.

(End of article)