Boris Johnson's Parties Importance to the Ukraine War and Herd Immunity

The Ukraine War - Alternatives

Comment by Christopher King
Boris Johnson started having parties for a reason.  They began with a celebration at his recruitment into the USA's military-industrial complex that involved the UK in its Covid 'herd immunity policy' and Johnson's warmongering boast that he's 'bringing the West together' on Ukraine.  He's channeling Blair on the Iraq war.

His parties began on 15 May 2020 - an impromptu ‘cheese and wine’ event with up to 17 staff in the garden at No. 10 Downing Street.

Five days later on 20 May 2020 his second and biggest party was the ‘bring your own booze’ event by invitation to about 100 people.  This was a serious organized party with guests smuggling in more booze in a suitcase later in the evening.  These two parties are related.

On 19 May, the day previous to his big party, Johnson had a virtual meeting with one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, of the Gates Foundation.  This was reported publicly as an occasion for Bill Gates to discuss vaccination policy with Johnson.  

This 19 May meeting with Gates recruited Johnson into Anthony Fauchi's virus engineering, herd immunity and information-suppression conspiracy that is part of the USA’s military-industrial complex (M-I complex).  The 20th May party was Johnson’s ecstatic celebration that by cooperating with Gates he had hit the jackpot and was guaranteed serious wealth backed by Gates.  He was set up to be rich for life. Thereafter, he didn’t care about parties by the staff, so the party culture carried on.   That’s how media mogul Rupert Murdoch recruited Tony Blair for the M-I Complex’s Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Johnson's impromptu 15 May party doubtless celebrated Gates’ making his appointment to talk to him, probably the same day.

These people always show their motivation.  In Blair’s case, although he continued as Murdoch’s friend and godfather to one of Murdoch’s daughters, he felt the truth that, no longer Prime Minister, he was no longer important in his own right.  He had become Murdoch’s ‘bought’ man.  Money was not enough.  He wanted to feel he was as good a man as Murdoch so he stayed overnight with Murdoch’s wife, Wendi Deng. Murdoch divorced her when he found out about it.

Bill Gates’ wife divorced him following revelations of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein the under-age-procurer to the rich and famous, mysteriously deceased in prison.  That wasn’t just because of a business lunch with Epstein present.  Gates’ fantasy seems to be about re-creating the world as a garden of Eden where he can do whatever he wants without all the annoying poor people.  His big concern is that world resources are insufficient for the number of people.  Otherwise expressed, there are too many people.  Johnson's father worked in a World Bank department with the same views. Gates gives big donations to the World Health Organization, the US regulatory organizations Federal Drug Administration and Centre of Disease Control as well as to the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).  It's incredible that the MHRA, a department of the UK Government has had USD 3,000,000 from Gates

These government agencies approved and promoted the experimental mRNA vaccines from companies in which Gates has shareholdings.  Their vaccines are now being revealed to have unacceptably damaging, including lethal characteristics - not merely side effects.  These government agencies also suppressed and misrepresented use of the repurposed, cheap, anti-virals ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as well as failing to give prophylactic/prevention information by the use of widely available vitamins C and D3, quercetin and melatonin.  The entire vaccine-based Covid-19 defence for the USA, UK and EU was devised by private sector companies with approval by government agencies in receipt of funding by Gates and the same private sector companies. 

Bill Gates’ donations give him easy access and influence, bypassing the need for scientific research, publication and scrutiny.  The super-rich get control through their wealth and buying people.  Where pandemics and vaccines are concerned, Gates is their front man.

I discussed in my article of 30 January 2022 how Anthony Fauchi, Chief Medical Advisor to the US President was financing through the Ecohealth Alliance the creation of human-infective viruses with the unique SARS-Cov-2 ‘furin cleaving site’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) from which it is now accepted the SARS-Cov-2 virus came.   Fauchi's program wasn't for protective research.  His proposal is for a biological weapon.  The original application is here:  Please click on the link.  It purports to be a proposal for vaccine research.  Its graphics show it to be a proposal to DARPA, the US military, to create a biological weapon.  That's the only reason why Fauchi and Peter Daszack would seek military funding.  Note also the Wuhan Institute of Virology as a team member as well as the University of North Carolina where WIV personnel were first taught how to engineer human infective viruses with US military assistance. 

This proposal (See header page at Appendix 3 below) is an extension of whatever military planning lay behind bringing WIV personnel to the US to learn genetic engineering.  It appears that Fauchi's virus was intended to be created in China to escape there and for China to be damaged and blamed.  That's what happened so we are justified in believing that that's what was intended.  Despite the disaster of Covid-19 there has been no investigation of what Fauchi was actually doing in the WIV.  Where are his notes and those of the Ecohealth Alliance?  Similarly in the UK, where are the reports from our Porton Down laboratory?  Are we to assume that Porton Down has better things to do than investigate SARS-Cov-19?

FOI released emails show that Anthony Fauchi persuaded the UK’s SAGE advisory committee chairman Patrick Vallance and member Jeremy Farrar to suppress all publication and discussion of the possible laboratory origin of SARS-Cov-2.  I suggest that Fauchi also persuaded them to pursue the ‘herd immunity’ policy that has killed well over 100,000 UK citizens and also to suppress the use of cheap anti-virals and immunity-boosters. 

As well as SAGE Committee members,  it was necessary to convince Boris Johnson to get on-board the military-industrial gravy train.  They needed a credible convincer and what works for Johnson, as for Blair, is money.  That’s not my opinion.  His biographer Sonia Purnell who was his assistant for three years tells us in her book Just Boris:  “ of the more consistent facets of Boris’s personality is the pursuit of money…” which is shared by his family. “He is the most ruthless, ambitious person I have ever met,”  Moreover, “...under a well-cultivated veneer of disorganization lay not so much a streak of aspiration as a torrent of almost frightening focus and drive.”

Bill Gates was just the man to recruit Johnson.  I suggest that when he learned on 15 May 2020 that one of the richest men in the world wanted to talk business with him it was cause for an impromptu anticipatory party.  When Johnson was signed up on 19 May and wealth was guaranteed, nothing but a big party would do.  As Sonia Purnell makes clear, Johnson has intense secret passions concealed under his harmless, bumbling cover personality.  They came out in this overt party with a secret, private meaning that fits Johnson's psychology and the circumstances very well.  Ask a psychologist about it.

Once recruited to the M-I complex Johnson would also be the most enthusiastic backer of the USA’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.  He’s a USA citizen anyway with the USA as a bolt-hole if we want to prosecute him for causing perhaps 150,000 excess deaths with his 'herd immunity' that probably came from Fauchi.  He's caused far more Covid-19 deaths than Russia and Ukraine together.  It is amazing that the European countries have permitted war in Europe to occur again.  It only makes sense if you think in terms of the USA’s military-industrial complex and its influence through bribery and threats. 

The following is my analysis of Europe’s alternative approaches to the Ukraine War, sent to  my MP Chris Philp on 9 March 2022 for forwarding to the Minister for Defence:

Ukraine War: The Alternatives

By Christopher King
Whatever the reasons for the war between Ukraine and Russia, its rights or wrongs, Europe is hosting a war that will define relationships on the entire Eurasian continent for the future.

Because Russia will probably occupy Ukraine whatever is done, there is nothing to lose and much to gain by a radical damage-limitation approach.  Russian attitudes and the outcome of talks can be shaped by action taken now.  President Putin knows that this war will damage Russia.  He would like an exit giving means of avoiding damage, isolation and achieving security for Russia.
Alternative Approaches

The Current Legal Approach

A Proposed Christian/Moral Approach

Objective: Support and enforce Ukraine’s legal sovereignty and right to join NATO and the EU

Means: Supply more weapons, encourage Ukrainians to fight, praise Ukrainian bravery, threaten Russia, apply sanctions.

Immediate Result: More deaths, refugees, destruction, increased mutual bitterness Ukraine-Russia, increased emnity Europe-Russia.  Occupation continues with unrestrained destruction. Possible Chechnya situation.

Negotiated Settlement: Possibly none, conducted in atmosphere of distrust and hostility.  No confidence by anyone in any settlement achieved

European Long Term Result: Economy weakened, Long term Ukraine occupation by Russia, North/South Korean situation in Europe, constant hostility, possible constant war footing.  Increased military spending and threat of nuclear warfare.  Substantial Russian isolation. Lose/lose outcome for Europe, Ukraine, Russia.

Geo-political Outcome: Russian economic integration with China, defence treaty with China and Eastern countries giving threat from both Russia and China.  Russia weakened, possible loss of territory to China.  Permanent insecurity in Western Europe/EU.  China gains, USA gains, Europe loses.

Objective: To prevent further Ukrainian deaths, refugees and destruction

Means: Persuade Ukraine to cease resistance, call on Russia for a cease-fire and peaceful, civilized occupation.  Praise Ukrainian bravery needed for acceptance of occupation.  European countries promise Russia a cooperative relationship, security guarantees, trade etc.  Cease threats, offer incentives, concentrate on common interests, positive possibilities.

Immediate Result: Cessation of deaths, refugees, destruction.  Occupation continues with minimal damage.  Talks commence, refugees return, reconstruction commences.  Russia on show to the world - will behave well in Ukraine.

Negotiated Settlement: Ukraine accepts non-NATO, Swiss model neutrality, referendum-based federal structure for Eastern regions, balanced trade and other treaties with EU and Russia.  Best of both worlds short term position.

European Long Term Result: Russian gas, resources and products ensure European prosperity; European investment develops Russia.  Win/win outcome for Europe, Ukraine, Russia.

Geo-political Outcome: Russia has incentives to improve democratic and legal institutions.  Russian economic integration with EU and other European countries.  Russia comprises security buffer and trade route between Europe and China.  Win-win outcome for Europe and Russia.  Cooperation with China.
In my email to Chris Philp MP and the Minister I suggested that the war should be de-escalated by using the technique that the Kennedys used to defuse the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis when nuclear war appeared to be imminent.  Bobby Kennedy proposed that their dialogue with Nikita Kruschev should be about common ground and positive possibilities while ignoring negative aspects of the situation.  It worked and a deal was worked out.  (Us old geezers remember things like this.)  Our Minister for the Armed Forces, James Heappey MP's reply to this suggestion was, in short, that Vladimir Putin was a terrible person and they were justified in continuing to stoke the war.  You don't have to remember the 1960s.  It’s as if the Iraq war and the M-I complex’s lies about Iraq and Afghanistan etc never happened.  Of course Vladimir Putin is a terrible person to invade Ukaraine, but why have we chosen to act like him when constructive alternatives are available?

I also sent the same analysis to the Bishop of Southwark in whose diocese I live with the suggestion that if the Christian Churches of Europe were to agree a joint Christian view of the war they could get Patriarch Kiril of Russia on board and de-escalate the conflict.  The Bishop was in hospital so his assistant sent it to the Parliamentary committee of Christians in Parliament from whom I have had no response.  I also sent it to the Archbishop of Canterbury and received a courteous and bland acknowledgement, which was nice.

These events involving the USA only make sense if one thinks in terms of its military-industrial complex first identified by General and President Eisenhower in his speech here. In a few instances, such as with Blair and Johnson, individual motivations as well as the means of influence as above are clear.  I have the distinct impression that most of the people, particularly MPs who should know what is going on do not know.  Of course some know but don’t care provided they benefit. That’s what the wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria looked like.  The few people leading the USA’s military-industrial complex have control of the USA, Europe and many other countries. 

Europe and the UK are under occupation by a hostile country - the USA in the form of NATO.  Remember the 'America First' slogan? They mean it.  Reflect for a moment.  Europe is eviscerating itself economically and reputationally and risking nuclear war in a senseless conflict led by the USA where there are constructive alternatives that would be beneficial to Europe.  Boris Johnson has been bought by the USA's military-industrial complex to betray this country as Blair was before him.  Johnson has arranged a knighthood for Blair, who Conservatives and the country despise, because he doesn't want the precedent of a UK Prime Minister without a knighthood.  He wants one himself despite the tens of thousands of deaths that he's responsible for causing both with his 'herd immunity' policy and in the Ukraine war in which he proudly says he has a leading role. 

Let’s recall what the Ukraine war is all about.  It’s about Ukraine’s right to join NATO and the EU.  Why is that so important that a war is being fought over it when Ukraine would clearly do better in a neutral relationship with both the EU and Russia?  The war was triggered by the USA’s 2014 coup in Kiev that over-threw the elected government, the installation of a USA-friendly Prime Minister and Kiev’s attack on the Donbass provinces that wouldn’t accept the coup.    It’s really Iraq all over again, now in Europe.  NATO isn’t a defensive alliance.  It’s the USA’s Military-Industrial Complex in occupation of Europe.  It uses wars to create chaos and opportunity as well as supressing rivals such as Russia.  A tactical nuclear war in Europe would suit it fine. 


Appendix 1.

The USA’s Military Industrial Complex

On leaving office in 1961 General and President Eisenhower warned about the danger to the United States of what he called its military-industrial complex (M-I complex). His speech is here.  This was the coordinated relationship between the USA’s government, its armed forces and civilian companies that had developed in response to WWII.  That relationship was based on government contracts to private companies for military hardware and supplies, so creating great profits and very wealthy businessmen.  These businessmen used their wealth to elect or bribe politicians who would continue the money stream to their companies.  As well as election donations by supporting these companies, politicians and military officers were rewarded for their cooperation with lucrative positions with the benefiting companies on leaving office.  This feedback loop creates the need for continuous wars to keep the money flowing as was described by US Major General Smedley Butler in his book War Is A Racket (1935).   Gen. Smedley Butler noted how the profits of certain companies increased enormously when they participated in a war as well as the feedback loop to the political system. 

We have noted that during the Covid-19 pandemic the pharmaceutical companies’ profits have similarly increased enormously.  At the same time our governments interdicted the use of cheap re-purposed anti-virals, neglected to make immunity-boosting medication available, gave very poor anti-Covid advice to the public and took very poor public health measures against the virus.  From the beginning the pandemic was politicised and biased toward benefiting the US pharmaceutical companies and their experimental vaccines.

Eisenhower realized that the USA had a potentially damaging system by which private corporations could develop control of the money flow and government itself.  Since then, the M-I complex has not only developed within the USA but has extended its control world wide in support of all USA businesses, not only those related to the military.  For example, the US government passed extra-territorial sanctions against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline and Iran and fined heavily a number of European companies that it judged had breached its sanctions.  The share prices of these companies crashed, they tended to be de-stabilized by loss of reserves or loans taken out to pay the fines, executive changes etc.  USA companies then bought them up cheaply with low interest loans from US banks.  These were coordinated attacks by the US government, its banks and predator companies. 

The only explanation for European countries’ acquiescence is that the USA’s M-I complex now includes Europe with European politicians and companies cooperating with the USA.  They colluded with the USA during the recent Middle Eastern wars, now forgotten and, we must conclude, are colluding in the current war in Ukraine which is clearly against European interests. The Military-Industrial Complex with its super-rich controllers and Big Businesses will benefit from this war as they did the Afghanistan, Iraq, Syrian and Libyan wars - these countries left in ruins.  The notion that this war will benefit either Ukraine or Europe as a whole is ridiculous.  It’s a disaster for Europe that is being created before our eyes.  If you think that our business and political leaders are worried about our increasing poverty, please think again.  Poverty keeps people busy with the necessities of staying alive and leaves no time for thinking about the strategic context.  Like Blair and Johnson, our leaders are doing fine and they’re happy to escalate this war.

Appendix 2.

Ministry of Defence


Our ref: D/Min(AF)/JH MC2022/03391e

Your ref: CP42780


Telephone 020 7218 9000 (Switchboard)

March 2022

Thank you for your email of 11 March 2022 on behalf of your constituent Christopher
King of (address deleted), suggesting an alternative approach
to de-escalating the war in Ukraine. Mr King has asked we consider the strategy that
President Kennedy adopted to de-escalate the Cuban Missile Crisis by ignoring
differences and negatives and concentrating on what positive actions were possible.
He suggests that a positive morally based approach should be used.

Putin's assault on Ukraine is an unprovoked, premeditated attack against a sovereign
democratic state. Never serious about engaging in diplomacy - focussed only on deceit
and furthering territorial ambitions - the Russian Government has lied to the world and
to their own people. The UK and our allies will hold the Russian Government to account.
We stand with Ukraine and will always defend the Ukrainian people's right to choose
their own destiny.

Though the UK and our allies tried every avenue for diplomacy until the final hour, we
conclude Russia was never serious about engaging in diplomacy. Putin was always
determined to attack his neighbour, no matter what we did.

Throughout this crisis, NATO, individual Allies, and our partners have made every effort
to pursue diplomacy and dialogue with Russia, including at the highest levels, and made
many substantive proposals to enhance the security of all nations in the Euro Atlantic
region. NATO has repeatedly invited Russia to talks in the NATO-Russia Council.
Russia has still not reciprocated. It is Russia, and Russia alone, which has chosen

Putin has denied that Ukraine has any "tradition of genuine statehood", claimed that it
posed a "direct threat to the security of Russia", and hurled numerous other false
accusations and aspersions. This position is entirely unacceptable and breaks
fundamental tenets of international law. We call on the Russian Government to halt its
aggression now, withdraw its forces and abide by the international commitments it
signed up to freely.

Chris Philp MP
House of Commons

(page break)

Please reassure your constituent that we and our NATO Allies are ready for substantive
discussions in good faith with Russia. This dialogue would cover what Russia says it
wants, from strategic nuclear weapons and force posture, to exercises and incidents at
sea. This is a serious offer which would improve European security for Russia and
NATO. But these talks must be based on de-escalation and an end to aggression
against Ukraine. Our channels of communication with Russia remain open, including
through embassy staffs in London and Moscow. The means through which we can
conduct dialogue exist, but it is Russia's willingness to conduct meaningful dialogue
which remains the issue
We will continue to support the Ukrainian Government in the face of this assault on their
sovereignty and territorial integrity with this unprecedented national and international

I hope this response reassures your constituent of the work the UK Government and UK
Defence to de-escalate the conflict and ensure European security.


Appendix 3

This is the heading for the Eco-Health Alliance's Proposal to the US Military (DARPA) for an engineered Virus in coordination with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  The proposal was ostensibly rejected by DARPA and funded by Antonio Fauchi using US government money. I suggest that this funding route was to avoid a direct connection with DARPA.  The direct link exists however with DARPA's support of WIV participation in human infective virus engineering at the University of North Carolina.

The importance of Boris Johnson’s Parties to the Ukraine war and herd immunity