UK Government Herd Immunity Policy

A policy of homicide

Comment by Christopher King
14 January 2022

The Coming Of Omicron

Two days ago I heard Nadhim Zahawi the UK Education Secretary say on BBC television, that the UK should show the world how to move from pandemic to endemic Covid-19 and back to normal in eight years or so by using vaccines.  This confirms what the Government's intention has always been although they've denied it - 'herd immunity' by allowing SARS-Cov-2 to become endemic in the UK.  It's attempted immunity by neglect.  This hopeful and untested theory was put to the Parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee by Sir Andrew Pollard, Director of the Oxford Vaccines Group that developed the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.  Naturally it's a theory based on vaccines, his specialism, with huge cash flows for an indefinite time to the pharmaceutical companies.  One of various sceptical comments on this is by Sky News.

I have a special interest in the good Professor's theory for our future and particularly his vaccine because it gave me swollen feet that I'm investigating as capillary leak syndrome, an extremely dangerous condition.  For anyone interested, I've had liver function and HbA1c tests.  My GP isn't interested and why should he be, after all, in a difficult 81 years old duffer who won't accept that 'it's something that happens to old people,' there's nothing to worry about and I should get the Moderna booster without a second thought.  I notice the recent report that the Moderna, now called Spikevax, is being investigated for six cases of this syndrome that are associated with it. Not caused.  Now why change a perfectly good name that gives credit to Moderna for its vaccine?  I have a theory too, which is that vaccination side effects are grossly under-reported. 

Unaccountably, Professor Pollard is reported to say that it's unsustainable to give boosters to everyone every six months.  Well, I heard his evidence to the Select Committee that didn't have this qualifier. He was going to develop an equilibrium with the virus using vaccines even though it would break out with new variants and immunities would fade.  I wrote to the Committee Chairman to say that the good Professor had a theory of hope not science.  He has no scientific basis for thinking that this will occur without enormous deaths and since he is colluding with the Government on this plan, he is also responsible for the deaths that the 'herd immunity' policy is causing.  Professor Pollard seems to want things both ways: He'll give us 'herd immunity' based on vaccination but regular vaccination for the population isn't sustainable.  That's exactly what I wrote to the Committee.  He has the problem that his model is of the UK as a closed island where the virus will behave according to expectations, probably based on the 'flu which everyone seems to be using.  In reality, the UK is open to infection by variants that arise anywhere in the world and the virus is proven to be increasing in infectivity and/or lethality.  It's unpredictable so no model for its behaviour is going to be valid for the foreseeable future, if ever. Professor Pollard and his SAGE collaborators have a conspiracy, not a theory that they've kept from the public for two years because it's unethical, unworkable and unacceptable.

Nadhim Zahawi is giving us the usual politicians’ vainglorious hyperbole to cover a crime of enormous proportions.  Despite the deaths, he's attempting to convince the public that their ‘herd immunity by infection’ experiment on the country is advanced science and a model to the world.  It's an insane experiment.  They’re responsible for over 20,000 deaths since Freedom Day alone.  They took no action to stop infections and deaths after Freedom Day except for vaccinations, blaming the unvaccinated for increased infections and hopeful fantasizing.  This doesn’t bother them.  It’s still pursuit of ‘herd immunity’ for the greater good.  Even our total of over 175,000 deaths that they’ve allowed to happen doesn’t bother them.  Science has been politicised.  Cultural, faith and medical ethics have been abandoned.  We’ve left material reality.  Rationality is no longer valid.

Before reading further please take the time to watch this documentary video of an investigation of SARS-Cov-2’s origin by Sky News, Australia.  It’s important to understanding both the virus and our politicians. 

We can now call the assertion that SARS-Cov-2 is a natural virus that evolved via an animal host to humans, a conspiracy theory.  That was always evident to anyone who cared to do a little unbiased research of public sources in January 2020.  If you're more interested in the immediate effects of Covid-19 on you, this is a chat between two ex-NHS GPs who discuss the immunity boosters vitamin D3 and zinc and at about point 32 on the video have some remarks about vaccines that are interesting. 

Let’s recapitulate a moment and consider the virus's origin a little further:  It originated in Wuhan where the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) was located.  WIV researchers had learned how to create pathogenic human-infective viruses at the University of North Carolina.  The US Army laboratory at Fort Detrick provided the growth cells for those experiments.  Recently is has been found that Dr Anthony Fauchi, Chief Medical Advisor to the US President has been secretly funding gain-of-function research at the WIV although the laboratory was known to be leaky.  By funding research at the WIV Dr Fauchi had control of a research program there.  All this is extraordinary.

So we have an authoritative, publicly documented connection of US government departments developing human-infective virus at the WIV, although this does not necessarily mean that the US Government itself is involved.  There was initial information from Dr Li-Meng Yan the Hong Kong virologist that the virus originated at the WIV and was released by the Chinese Army that controlled the Institute, ie that it was possibly an independent factional act.  This was apparently anecdotal information and is unverified.  The irrefutable United States connection with the WIV’s development of pathogens adds another dimension to the origin of this virus.  There is a direct connection to WIV pathogen development by a faction around Dr Fauchi one member of which is Peter Daszak, the British director of the Ecohealth Alliance through whom Dr Fauchi funded WIV research.  Dr Daszak (zoology) liaised with Dr Zhengli-li Shi at the WIV who had learned how to create human infective viruses at the University of North Carolina in 2015.  You might note from this referenced paper, under the heading METHODS, that they obtained their growth cells from the US Army research institute that is actually Fort Detrick which once housed the US's biological warfare programme and probably still does.  Peter Daszak has been much criticized by his peers for attempting to shut down discussion of a laboratory origin for SARS-Cov-2 and for not declaring his interests when somehow getting onto the WHO's team that was sent to Wuhan to investigate SARS-Cov-2, which sabotaged the investigation.

Please consider Dr Fauchi's response to Senator Rand Paul who, I understand, discovered the US National Institute of Health funding and gain-of-function research at the WIV.  Dr Fauchi is arrogantly self-assured in addressing Senator Paul who was, in fairness, provocative.  Nevertheless, he has the attitude of being untouchable in insulting Senator Paul.  He has the arrogant air of representing powerful interests or of a man with a higher mission.

Whether there are US interests backing Professor Fauchi that wished to generate human infective viruses in the WIV because the laboratory was leaky is a new and interesting question.   The Chinese Government has accused Fort Detrick of originating this virus.  From my perspective as a victim they have a good point no matter how the BBC spins it in the previous link.  Fauchi and Daszak aren't doing this as lone ranger and Tonto to save the world from the next pandemic like a bad movie.  They appear to have backing. 

There is an irrefutable indirect connection of the WIV with Fort Detrick through the University of North Carolina as well as a probable connection through Dr Anthony Fauchi.  Dr Fauchi apparently pursued gain-of-function research at the WIV when it was paused in the US itself and can reasonably be surmised to have connections with Fort Detrick. Highly capable virologists would have been needed to devise and monitor the programs that they wanted the WIV to carry out, whether formally or informally.  President Trump (see the Sky News investigation) rates Dr Fauchi as an excellent publicist but a C or D grade doctor, which are good qualifications for a front man.

These are not so much theories as possibilities now that it is accepted at the highest security levels (see Sky Australia video above) that SARS-Cov-2 is human engineered.  It is incredible that a faction in the United States has encouraged and funded the development of this dual-use technology in China.  It was not known to Congress since it was Congressman Rand Paul who apparently uncovered it. This is equivalent to presenting a rival country such as Iran or North Korea with the technology that it does not have to refine U235 (used in both nuclear power reactors and weapons).

It has been widely noted that the only people who are prospering during the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic are the super-rich who own and control the major companies on which we now depend to maintain services such as finance, food and of course vaccines.  One such is Bill Gates who has been involved in formulating UK vaccines policy as well as taking over a Covid test manufacturer in the UK in consultation with his fellow American Boris Johnson.  An American connection here might be coincidence.  However, when we have an anomalous ‘herd immunity’ policy, 175,000+ deaths and Americans’ low valuation of human life as demonstrated in the Iraq war, among others, we might keep it in mind.  Tony Blair became a rich man by his disregard for human life and use, based on lies, of the UK’s resources to that end.  The current uproar around Boris Johnson about his parties while people under Covid lockdown died has demonstrated that he is a man of deception.  What exactly was Bill Gates’ advice about Covid vaccines policy?  Who introduced the ‘herd immunity’ policy to the SAGE Committee  Mr Johnson and Professor Pollard?  I have raised these crucial questions before.  

Against this extraordinary background, the Johnson Government and its physician advisers, following their equally extraordinary policy, let another SARS-Cov-2 variant into the country, this time the highly mutated South African Omicron.  Purported efforts to stop it were too little too late as in previous cases.  Test and Trace alone has been allocated £37 billion (yes, that’s billion) over two years as far as I can tell and new contracts and billions will take it into 2025.  So why is Omicron all over the country? What evidence is there that Test and Trace actually does something useful?   Since Johnson’s Freedom Day (repeat: over 20,000 deaths) the Government has relied on the Common Sense of the British People, vaccines, the pharmaceutical companies and the SAGE Committee whose advice and even the names of some are secret.  It hasn’t taken any public health action however.  It’s still doing ‘herd immunity’ and people are dying in thousands because of it.

There’s another even more highly mutated variant called IHU loose in France, evidently from Cameroon.  Is letting this into the UK consistent with Patrick Vallance’s Plan that he says he and his experts devised?  The UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser with the help of a team of experts couldn't work out from a few public facts that he’s dealing with an engineered virus that’s killing our citizens and has proven to be completely unpredictable.  His and Chief Medical Advisor Chris Whitty’s ‘herd immunity’ policy with a lethal virus is contrary to basic medical practice anyway.  Why have they been given knighthoods with over 175,666 deaths to 25 December 2021? (ONS figure).  Johnson is trying to make a disaster into a triumph, a typical politician’s stunt, but if Saddam Hussein was hanged for killing 20,000 of his own people what does that mean for Boris Johnson and his collaborators?

Bill Gates has also been involved in vaccine policy discussions with Boris Johnson according to newspaper accounts, perhaps also to smooth the way for him and fellow billionaire George Soros and their consortium for the predatory buy-out of Mologic, the innovatory manufacturer of lateral flow tests.  So the billionaires control not only the vaccines that go into our arms but the tests that tell us what their vaccines, anti-virals and the virus itself are doing.   I suggest that anyone who believes that the pharmaceutical companies are genuinely interested in stopping the virus and with it the huge flow of our vaccine money to them, should pause and reflect for a moment.  The super-rich with the Johnson Government are essentially controlling the course of the pandemic in the UK without the benefit of medical ethics and without regard to human life itself.  The UK government should have control of these vital tools to fight the pandemic, not foreign billionaires.

This is the shape of our Covid-19 deaths record from the first death on 31 January 2020.

                                                                   Data from UK Government ONS spreadsheet

Let’s see what this chart is telling us.  The Government took no action whatever to suppress the virus from January 2020 until in panic they had the first lockdown and 57,867 deaths to 29 August 2020.   On that date there were 8 deaths and deaths were in single figures or low ‘teens with infections correspondingly low.  Wouldn’t you think that this was the time to try to eradicate the virus?  The government had had four full months, April to July at that point to devise a plan to keep infections down by sensible precautions and having test-and-trace locate them.  We had no vaccines so by keeping infections low they would avoid a second wave.  Not at all.  Our Wise Experts opened everything up and did nothing except waste £800 million on Eat-Out-To-Help-Out restaurant meals for everyone that started the second wave.

In the second wave from 30 August 2020 to 22 May 2021 we had 96,036 people die.  A low of 4 deaths on two days was reached at that point following the lockdown.  An average to include 7 days either side of this low is 12.4  deaths.  Again, if Messrs Vallance, Whitty and Johnson were learning as the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee report says they were, this would be another chance to suppress or get rid of the virus.  No again!  On July 19 Boris Johnson announced Freedom Day and lifted most restrictions even though infections were rising.  Earlier, 23 April 2021, India had been placed on the Government’s ‘red list’ for travel due to the more deadly Delta variant that had already entered the country without any effort being made to stop it.  Then they let Omicron in from South Africa around 26 November.  No detection at our borders.  No quarantine.  No effective controls whatever.  I've said previously that this Parliamentary Committee report whitewashes this lack of action and all these deaths as 'learning' by these 'experts' as if they'd never heard of SARS-Cov-1, what was happening in China and other countries, had no idea how to do internet research, nor had the most basic undergraduate knowledge of viruses and medicine.

On Freedom Day, 19 July, 86 people died, with a 7 day bracketing average of 64.7, up from 4 at the lowest point on 22 May.  The virus had been doubling about every 24 days from 22 May.  Still, deaths were only in double figures, held down by vaccines.  Everything looked good!  But infections were soon going up much faster in exponential increase.  Omicron was let in and was unexpectedly much more infective than Delta because Covid is an unpredictable engineered virus, so generating the present flood of Covid victims into the hospitals. The hospitals cope because their staff are dedicated and work beyond normal expectations while the Government gives them no support.

We’ve had 20,416 deaths since Freedom Day to 25th December, a day on which to reflect on morality and ethics (I didn’t choose it.  The spreadsheet figures end there).  The daily deaths after Freedom Day don’t look like much compared with first and second wave peaks of over a thousand per day but they do add up.   It brings us to the present position with hospitals under huge pressure, deaths thankfully down due to vaccinations but still around 200 per day and the virus now probably endemic in the country.  Johnson’s Plan B isn’t a plan at all.  It’s lack of government action and politically crafted instructions from armchair part-time politicians.  Clearly more variants will be let in by a policy of neglect and with open borders we have the ideal country for the development of complex variants.  This isn’t accident.  It’s intentional.  What’s more, Nadhim Zahawi has spoken up to say that it’s an exemplary policy.  As Education Minister he would do well to organize distance learning for all possible students.  Nearly every university in the world has distance learning courses, including the Open University that was successful before internet communication.  These models could easily have been adapted with some social organizing to reduce infections.  It might be news to him, but children are a significant vector in spreading infection.  The usual objection that distance learning will traumatize and scar our children or university students for life is ridiculous.

You can see in the Parliamentary Report that the 'experts' and politicians looked for objections, not solutions.  They did not have the ability to create a working strategy and commit themselves to action and did not want to.  It was easier and safer for them personally to sit in Committees and theorize with the public story that this was a natural virus, which they knew to be untrue.  A natural virus absolves them from major blame - it's like the annual 'flu or the Spanish 'flu (from Kansas, USA) and deaths can be expected.  An engineered virus is imperative of precautionary action and moreover, has enormous implications for every industry and research department concerned with genomics.  There would be no rewards, only approbrium from colleagues and industry from telling the truth and trying to save lives.  I could say that in future medicine and its ethics will never be trusted, but we should not appeal to posterity.  We need an accounting now in the criminal courts.  That is how lessons will be learned and trust in our physicians restored.

Speaking of our part-time politicians, since our Parliamentary representatives have a lot of spare time from running the country, one would think that they might organize a seminar of just one day to actually learn something about SARS-Cov-2.  Given its origin and record, is ‘living with the virus’ an ethical or even sane voluntary option?  They could try a cross-party workshop to examine non-pharmaceutical action to eliminate the virus instead.  That’s China’s policy and other countries too.  It should have been the UK Government’s first choice.  Consider the implications for the UK should other countries succeed in suppressing and eliminating the virus while it’s endemic and has become more dangerous in the UK?  For such a seminar they would need advisory physicians and virologists who aren’t dependent on government, pharmaceutical company and Gates Foundation money.  It might be helpful to the rest of us and it might also help them to do the job they’re supposed to be doing.

There appear to be macabre calculations occurring in Cabinet based on ‘How many hundreds of deaths per day will the public tolerate for keeping restaurants open and letting people have their Spanish holidays?’. The Conservative Party message is based on ‘Give the majority what they want and win the next election.  The rationale is that they’re saving the hospitality industry.  Is there any one of our MPs who would give his/her own life to save the hospitality industry?  No?  Well, they’re consciously sacrificing the lives of others.  The practice of human sacrifice is not over.  The background reality is cash flows to the medical technology companies, that is, Bill Gates and his friends and control by the rich by continuing ‘herd immunity’.  The government has ensured that SARS-Cov-2 is so widespread that it would be difficult to go to a zero-Covid policy.  The knighthoods for Vallance and Whitty signal that this isn’t a disaster - It’s a great triumph of technology, medicine, market capitalism (Remdesivir antiviral £1,900 per course) and Johnson’s wisdom.  Do you buy it?

The chart above is what Sir Patrick Vallance, Sir Chris Whitty and Boris Johnson’s ‘herd immunity’ policy looks like.  They knew about the air-spread epidemic that was killing people in China and other countries in December 2019 and should have been thinking about what to do if it reached the UK.  Perhaps they weren’t worried because it was only killing the Chinese or maybe it wasn’t their job to think about it. The first death in the UK was on 30 January 2020 and they did nothing whatever to prevent infection except declare on 11 and 12 March that by letting ‘some’ people get infected the population would get ‘herd immunity’.  Young people wouldn’t be affected so it would be helpful to ‘herd immunity’ for them to be infected.  This led to run-away infection that they didn’t mind because deaths were within the parameters of their Plan devised by experts as Patrick Vallance said, ie 300-600,000 deaths.  Gatherings, pubs etc needn’t be closed down.  It was all good until it wasn’t.  Then lockdown and people dying for weeks at over 1,000 per day! They didn’t mind this.   We know that it was part of their Plan because they did the same thing twice more.  It wasn’t Vallance, Whitty or Johnson who called the first lockdown.  Vallance claims that he did but Dominic Cummings told us that it was someone from outside the inner clique, I think from the Dept of Health, who had to tell them that they had a disaster unfolding.  Can you believe it - they hadn’t recognized the disaster they’d created.  Then they repeated it!  And again with Freedom day!  It beggars belief.  They knew the truth.  The contradictions are such that I wonder seriously whether they were intellectually paralyzed.  That they could not grasp and integrate the conflicting demands of medicine, the genomic sector and their own self-interest into a working strategy, so they did nothing.  These are pathetic people like our prison population. They simply do not understand what it is to live in society.  They cannot see beyond their personal interests.

An astonishing ethical inversion has also occurred.  Johnson is now blaming those who aren’t vaccinated for being responsible for spreading the virus.  The un-vaccinated are being sanctioned from travel and entering certain buildings to force them to accept vaccinations.  Notably, NHS staff who don’t want vaccination are going to lose their jobs.   This is one of the ridiculous things that our homicidal pandemic managers are saying to shift the blame.  It’s not the un-vaccinated who spread the virus.  It’s infected people. A public health policy is always to shield uninfected people from infected people.  That’s the  objective.  How can it be otherwise?  An un-vaccinated non-carrier isn’t a danger to anyone.  It’s vaccinated carriers who are spreading the virus, particularly when the government says that they can do what they like. There’s a lot of them because of its catastrophic ‘herd immunity’ policy and failure to maintain low infection when lockdowns have brought numbers down.  It’s now the vaccinated who become infected or reinfected that are infecting the un-vaccinated.  The un-vaccinated and everyone else have the right to government protection according to medical ethics and accepted medical practice of preventing disease by preventing infection.  That’s the principle, the basis for a public health policy and the government’s job.  The problem is that it doesn’t have a public health policy and isn’t doing its job.  Sajid Javid and Nadhim Zahawi are talking nonsense about their vaccines and what they’re doing.  This virus isn’t going to go away until we get rid of these people.  What’s more, they have to account for over 175,000 deaths, most of which are due to their neglect.  They’re not following the science.  They’ve politicised science and medicine.

No, I'm not using hindsight here.  On 15 March 2020 as soon as I realized what 'herd immunity' meant I emailed my MP, Chris Philp, to tell him that it was a crazy policy that would increase deaths. Copies are in my earlier articles. 

The Government is now blaming the victims of infection to divert attention from the absence of public health action.  As for NHS staff who don’t want vaccination, they might know something that the rest of us don’t.    As I’ve said previously, vaccines have their place but not as a first line of defence.  ‘Herd immunity’ is still government policy.  They want everyone to become infected.  When did you see any good public health advice from Johnson and the physicians Whitty and Vallance?  Isn’t it their duty and medical obligation to give such advice and to make suitable masks available?  

Wearing a suitable mask is one of the best actions that one can take to be self-protective of oneself and others.  Here’s a chart from the Wall Street Journal showing what sort of mask you need. 

To protect oneself and others everyone needs to wear a mask equivalent to the American N95.  In the UK and Europe that's FFP2 standard which filters out 95%+ of fine particles including viruses.  Hospital Staff should have FFP3 which filters out 99%+.  On the news I see NHS staff still wearing surgical masks.  These stop droplets but not airborne virus particles.  It makes me want to cry.  Please note an error in the note to the chart above: a tightly fitted N95/FFP2 mask filters 95%+ not 99%.  This chart gives a rough idea of relative efficiency for various face coverings but don’t rely on the times shown, especially the 2,500 hours figure.  The chart has probably been compiled using a standard concentration of particles but it doesn’t make that clear.  In practice many other factors can affect safety, eg number of people in a room, how long they’ve been there, how long you stay there, ventilation, room size, air flow direction, proximity to others, mask durability etc.  The government should be teaching everyone all of this instead of leaving protection to Johnson’s ‘British Common Sense’.  They don’t want us to know how to protect ourselves or they’d teach us.  All we get are restrictions and lockdowns.  Johnson and his SAGE advisors want us ignorant, credulous, obedient and infected. Why? It’s never for the public good - always for personal interests and money.

From now on, every time you use a ‘free’ lateral flow test you might reflect that Bill Gates and his friends are that little bit richer from it and you might wonder what’s behind Johnson’s UK Covid-19 experiment.  For Parliament to let control of all the tools to fight the pandemic fall into the hands of rich self-interested men means that as Dominic Cummings has said, the system isn’t working.  Together with the lack of medical ethics-based action the stage is set for a disaster beyond what we have to date.  Never mind that Omicron isn’t as lethal as Delta.  It has plenty of time and opportunity to mutate, particularly with its unrestrained spread in the UK.

There’s a view that Omicron isn’t so bad and might even be beneficial in giving immunity at lower risk.  There’s nothing whatever good about it.  It’s apparently less lethal but much more infective than Delta.  Its mutation has one or more long sequences, evidently by the process of reassortment, that is, acquisition of genetic material from another virus when both infect the same cell.  It’s been suggested in South Africa that the mutation occurred in an immuno-compromised person who has HIV.  If so, it indicates that SARS-Cov-19 can interact with the different HIV coronavirus and perhaps non-coronaviruses as well.  Interestingly, compromised immunity isn’t necessary for any sort of variant formation, so adding this snippet could be to avert any fear that mutation could occur in any healthy person’s cells - which it certainly can.  This theory also absolves the South African government from blame for Omicron and blames an unknown HIV sufferer.  That’s what Boris Johnson is doing in blaming the unvaccinated for social irresponsibility and spreading the virus.  It diverts attention from his own homicide by negligence if not criminal homicide as needs to be determined. 

In our present case, Omicron has the potential to interact with Delta to acquire additional lethality, adding to its existing infectivity or for Delta to acquire additional infectivity and there’s a report from Cyprus that this reassortment event has occurred.  The orthodox Virology Establishment don’t believe that it’s genuine.  It’s their conspiracy theory that SARS-Cov-2 is a natural virus and that it’s behaviour is predictable.  The scepticism is also probably because they don’t think that an obscure researcher in Cyprus could identify a new variant and should submit a peer reviewed paper to satisfy them.  Science in Academia is well known to be a highly competitive if not an unethical and highly emotional matter.  (Vide Crick and Watson’s treatment of Rosalind Franklin)  New information also disrupts vested interests, which is why it took years for the double helix to be accepted.  That is the case with resistance to accepting an engineered origin for SARS-Cov-2.  It has prevented an evaluation of its real nature, with the result that millions of unnecessary deaths world-wide are occurring.  It is a politically convenient view and a new development for science and medicine to have become politicized.

This virus is proven to be unpredictable and there are many possibilities for future variants.  There are new variants and viruses available for reassortment interaction too.  We don’t know what Omicron’s other effects such as ‘long covid’ will be and we don’t know what its variants either here or in other countries will be like.  There is an amazingly myopic view of this virus in government which can only be due to its SAGE advisors - and absence of Boris Johnson’s British common sense of course.
Professor Michael Baker, an advisor to the New Zealand Government with its zero-covid policy, with others, warned about Freedom Day as dangerously reverting to the UK Government’s ‘herd immunity’ policy, quoted in the Independent.   He has said elsewhere that there are ten thousand people alive in New Zealand who would have died if they had not adopted their initial zero-covid policy.  New Zealand has had to go to a suppression policy which aims to keep infection numbers low, but even this has never been attempted in the UK.  Professor Baker has said that it is now known that herd immunity is not possible with this virus.  That was probable from the beginning, given its origin from the WIV.  In the same Independent newspaper piece, Professor Richard Horton, Lancet editor-in-chief is quoted as saying that Government advisor Chris Whitty was “...wilfully misrepresenting scientific opinion” with claims that there was widespread support for the prime minister’s approach.  This is a paper by Michael Baker suggesting that elimination might be the optimal strategy for Covid-19.

We might wonder how many people of our current 175,000 deaths would still be alive if the government had not adopted its ‘herd immunity’ policy and instead had adopted exclusion and suppression.  100,000?  125,000?  The herd immunity policy was inexplicable and obviously unworkable from the beginning given lack of knowledge about the virus, its known lethality, the known high propensity for coronaviruses to mutate and its world-wide spread with high numbers of mutations and variants predictable.  Then there was the high probability that it was an engineered virus that leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, probably not conforming to usual coronavirus behaviour.  I repeat again: I know nothing of virology but I knew all this in February/March from simple internet searches and sent emails about it to our Church Vicar and my MP Chris Philp.  So are we to understand that SAGE, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance didn’t know any of this?  Didn’t they do a basic search to see what had been happening in Wuhan?  They knew and as physicians concealed the truth.  I say that they are liars by omission or homicides by omission and neglect who have brought medicine itself into disrepute.

Our government and its scientific and medical advisors have us in a disastrously losing situation against this virus, putting the UK in a position that is now considered by authoritative opinion to be a danger not only to ourselves but the whole world.  This is a video of Professor Baker examining pandemic strategy and the case for a coordinated global zero-Covid or elimination strategy.

I don't think that our politicians who are not members of Government even think about what this virus and market capitalism are doing to the country, much less understand it. It seems that they think that the country has a solid economic and political system on railway tracks that is self-regulating via the Market and which only needs tinkering with the speed and some cheery announcements to keep everyone happy.  Looking out the windows at reality it's a runaway train.  None of us knows what's down the track, but it doesn't look good.   

We need a new technically literate government to cooperate with a global zero-Covid strategy and a dedicated technically literate Parliamentary Committee that moves fast, can innovate, takes evidence in public and produces credible reports to audit what’s happening.  It’s increasingly clear that our present part-time politicians are more concerned to carry on their private business or to protect their political parties rather than managing the country and solving the Covid crisis, let alone the economy.  The pandemic needs management, not confusing, politically convenient instructions that don’t make sense and mis-represented science and medicine.  Our present political system with its support of predatory capitalism has failed the People and country.  If you survive this pandemic, watch how Boris Johnson’s fortunes improve after he’s driven from office, probably over office parties while those whom he should have been protecting were locked down and dying from his neglect.  It's worse than one sees on television.   He’s doing favours for someone.  That's not a conspiracy theory - it’s the revolving door

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