UK Government Herd Immunity Policy

A policy of homicide

Comment by Christopher King

3 November 2021, updated 5 November 2021

After Two Years - Covid-19 In The UK


As early as mid November 2019 the American Centre for Medical Intelligence warned US allies, Nato and Israel that a novel coronavirus pandemic was coming out of Wuhan, reported by the Times of Israel, April 16 2021.  It’s an appropriate point for evaluating where we are now.  We have 150,000 dead, most unnecessarily, social, medical and economic disruption.  Currently, deaths from Covid-19 are running at 140 - 150 per day and rising - the equivalent of two fully populated Boing 747 crashes per week.  We’ve had three infection and deaths peaks with lockdowns and another lockdown is certain over winter.  Disastrous medical and scientific advice and government policies are the cause.  The medical and government elites have been captured by Big Business interests.  They are, frankly, corrupt and I've given up on them.  It's clear that we need to take more positive action for ourselves against SARS-Cov-19 because the Government agenda doesn't include a comprehensive public health policy after all this time.

I also want to briefly mention ivermectin here.  Does it work against SARS-Cov-2?  It's a cheap medication that has been used widely and safely for many years as an anti-parasitic, particularly in Africa.  There are clinicians in the USA and UK whose experience is that it is effective against this virus.  We need a good prophylactic.  Ivermectin is said by the FLCCC Alliance to be part of its treatment protocol.  I'll go into this in the next  few days in another article, but you could look them up yourself from the link in the previous sentence.

Where We Are and How We Got Here

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation is actually in touch with what is happening in the NHS.  He says that the NHS is at crisis point and wants measures taken now.  Sajid Javid the Health Minister doesn’t think so.  Boris Johnson says that the NHS can still cope with Covid-19 and everything else so there is no need for further measures right now.  We should take up vaccines, booster shots and use individual choice and common sense to avoid further infections they say.  We’re following Plan A and it’s not time for the preventive measures of Plan B.  These deaths are as predicted by their model they say, so everything is under control.  Boris is correct in not wanting to implement his Plan B.  As in the past, his Plan B will be restrictions on the public and no action by the Government.  Boris thinks that action by the government comprises simply telling everyone to restrict their activities which is, naturally, damaging in every way one can imagine.  The pandemic needs managing.  Boris and his SAGE advisors are not managers.  Plan B and their models are rubbish as I said in March 2020 to my MP Chris Philp.  Just scan the SAGE minutes to see how much management action they recommend.  Not a scrap.  If you also scan the list of participants you'll see that up to 7 people on several of these committees aren't named.  We need to know who's responsible for this disaster.  It's never been 'muddling through' time or clever theorizing time.  It's been action management time from January 2020 and I haven't seen any except for organizing vaccines.  That's the key.  It's always been 'herd immunity by infection' with control of the pandemic and massive funding transferred to the Pharmaceutical and Big Business companies. 

Government models have always been rubbish from the very first introduction of ‘herd immunity’ that predicted that by doing nothing whatever, the virus would quickly attenuate to save the NHS - but not lives.  Of course it didn’t happen and we had the first enormous March 2020 spike in deaths of the first lockdown.  They’ve been obsessed with models ever since, rather than the reality of infections, deaths, the shortcomings of a vaccines policy, damage from lockdowns and damage to people who can’t get access to medical care for other ailments.  SAGE, Boris Johnson and Cabinet Ministers are certainly involved in homicide and possibly manslaughter or murder as needs to be be determined by a judicial tribunal or the criminal courts.  We need the inquiry urgently to get rid of these people and get on with serious infection prevention as our primary defence strategy.  That is what will free the country up socially and economically.  It should have been done from the beginning as I said in my email to Chris Philp MP on 16 March 2020.

The report by the Parliamentary Science and Health Committees published 12 October 2021 on Covid-19 titled:  Lessons Learned To Date was Parliament’s opportunity to act on behalf of the public.  Rather than that, it's an exercise in ‘gaslighting’ and an enormous disappointment.  Gaslighting, from the film Gaslight, is psychological trickery to persuade us by evasions, omissions, semantic shifts, legalisms and outright lies that our perceptions and even memories of events are wrong.  The report lists government failures fairly accurately but seeks to persuade us to believe that no better could be expected of the government.  That its ‘mistakes’ were natural, understandable and there is no blame to apportion.  The report’s title itself tells us that the Government has ‘learned the lessons’.  No it hasn’t. 

Managing the SARS-Cov2 pandemic isn’t an education exercise for the Sage Advisory Committee, Boris Johnson and the Cabinet.  It’s a real life, real time job.  The job is to minimize infections and deaths and keep the population safe.  The scientific and medical experts of SAGE have always had the knowledge and a world-accepted public health plan based on well known medical principles for managing a pandemic.  Boris Johnson is supposed to have the British Common Sense that he talks about to understand what's happening and organize implementation.  They have sufficient medical knowledge to be able to keep infections low and save lives.  They haven’t done this and we have mass deaths not because of mistakes but because they haven’t been trying to do the job at all.  They have a private agenda.  I hold to my views that they’re all following pharmaceutical company and Big Business money in an experiment for whom we do not know.  There are many billions of pounds being spent on vaccines, so creating markers for favours.  It’s the revolving door.  They’re ‘bought’ people.  There can be no other explanation for their willingness to allow tens of thousands of people to die while taking no active measures to reduce infections and keep them low until they were forced into the first lockdown.  The money is in vaccines and sale of data, not non-pharmaceutical (NPI) public health measures.  Who we, the citizens, are and how we live and die has great value as NHS data as well as vaccine consumers.  Our deaths are their means of getting rich. 

Here’s the simplest example of an NPI item to show that SAGE and the Government have never wanted to keep infections down.  The government has never said that everyone should be wearing an FFP2 or N95 mask in crowded situations or public buildings.  That’s the standard for 95% filtration of virus sized particles.  Front line staff in infective environments should have, minimally, FFP3 masks which filter to 99%.  The surgical masks that most people are wearing are near to useless and other face coverings are of varying degrees of dubiousness.  SAGE knows this.  The first thing that the government should have done in January 2020 is to organize the manufacture of these masks as well as other protective items.   Nearly two years later we should be making them in this country for the whole population, giving them away or at least supplying them at cost price.  There should also be television spots to educate the public on mask use, airflow in buildings and the characteristics of airborne infection.  The government has never taken such measures because it wanted and still wants a never-ending vaccination policy that the population is locked into with its ‘herd immunity by infection’ policy that ministers now deny ever existed.  That’s a bare-faced lie.  I had never heard of ‘herd immunity’ until I learned of the term and concept from Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Boris Johnson at their briefings from No 10 in March 2020.  Patrick Vallance described it clearly on television, which the Committee Report says wasn’t a description of a government ‘herd immunity’ policy.  Mr Vallance was describing the existing situation according to the report.  That’s also a lie. 

I’m sure that all Ministers have been issued with FFP2 / 3 masks but they’ve never told the general public that this is the mask for filtering SARS-Cov-2 particles.  Lower grade masks don’t do it and give a false sense of security.  At this point the government finds it difficult to tell everyone that they should have been wearing FFP2 masks all along because the questions will be asked ‘Why weren’t we told at the beginning of the pandemic,’ and ‘Why hasn’t the Government organized making them available to everyone?’  Failure to organize the manufacture of high filtration masks and supply them to front-line staff as well as the public is the major factor in many deaths.

As another example, the UK has never had effective border controls with quarantine, an obvious measure to prevent infection.  The government let in the the Indian Delta variant with no quarantine precautions.  It’s been killing people ever since.  Its mutation AY.4.2 might be more infective or have other more dangerous characteristics than its parent, as we have yet to be told - if ever.  That’s the flaw in the goverment’s vaccination policy that doesn’t hold infections down.  The more infections the more mutations and deaths.  One might easily think from its performance that the expert SAGE committee was recruited by random selection from passers-by in Whitehall and government ministers from a nearby building site.  In fact, such recruits might do better.  They would surely understand the simple concepts involved: When a virus is killing people the first line of defence is the standard medical principle: prevent infections.   Boris Johnson’s ‘herd immunity and vaccination’ policy has let infection run free, apart from traumatic lockdowns, since January 2020.  That’s wilful killing, not a mistake.  High numbers of infections give high numbers of dangerous mutations/variants so again, preventing infections must be first priority.  Boris Johnson’s insane Sars-Cov-2 policy is arguably mass murder and not only a danger to this country but a danger to the rest of the world through export of variants made in the UK such as the Kent variant.

Jenny Harries, formerly the deputy to the disgraced and useless Health Minister Matt Hancock, asserted on television that ‘herd immunity’ has never been ‘on the table’.  This is ‘political speak’ or gaslighting to have us think that it was never government policy.  It’s a lie.  Penny Mordaunt MP, on the BBC Question Time programme of 21st October 2021 was evasive about government responsibility, said that they didn’t know things early in the pandemic, that everyone did the best they could, and we have to learn the lessons.  She said “I take issue with people saying that ‘we let people die’”.  But that is precisely what they did - they let people die as part of their Plan and model.  Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty are physicians.  They knew that the medical principle to stop a pandemic and deaths is to stop infections.  They didn’t attempt to do it.  They knew about the behaviour of coronaviruses and their strong tendency to mutate, that this particular one came from the vicinity of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was almost certainly an escaped experimental virus if not a bio-weapon.  They knew or should have known that staff from the WIV had learned how to create human infective viruses at the University of North Carolina ten years previously.  I knew it in March 2020.  They did not act on the medical and public health knowledge that they had at the time.  They created spurious theories and models, called them ‘science’ and killed tens of thousands.  They had their own agenda in early 2020 and still pursue it.  They gave us a stupid mantra of ‘Face, Hands and Distance rather than detailed public education about coronaviruses and its routes of infection and the principles of evading it on which we could base our behaviour.  It was a year before they mentioned the importance of building ventilation and even then inadequately. 

I’m sick of the obfuscations, semantic tricks, evasions and lies of our politicians.  Who introduced the strategy of ‘herd immunity by infection’ to the Government?  Someone in SAGE? Vallance, Whitty or Johnson?  Bill Gates?  They should stop lying about it and tell us.  What do the reports from our own BSL4 laboratory at Porton Down say about the virus? Why wouldn’t the government make public the confidential reports on the virus and pandemic that were given to the House of Lords?  Let us have them. What was Bill Gates’ contribution to virus policy in his meetings about it with Boris Johnson?  Why did Gates persuade the Oxford Group not to give their vaccine license away to give free vaccines as they originally publicly promised?  There is much more to this pandemic than a few mistakes when 150,000 people are dead. 

The Health Minister Savid Javid trumpeted great news for us on 20th October.  US firm Merck has developed an anti-viral drug that he said costs $750 or £550 for a course when one gets symptoms, so the 480,000 courses that he's bought will cost us £264,000,000.  This is proof to me that the politicians have been captured by the pharmaceutical industry.  It raises the entire question of what governments have been doing to sponsor and control the development, cost and distribution of vaccines, anti-virals and prophylactics for the benefit of the world population as well as our own.  We have world Covid-19 deaths of over 5 million at the date of writing and it's clear that if the US, UK and Europe are having problems in controlling this virus, the developing world will have much greater problems.  While SARS-Cov-2 exists uncontrolled anywhere we are all at risk.

Merck is reported to have developed its anti-viral with public money and to be selling it at 40 times cost.   At the price of £550 per course who’s going to get it?  Certainly Savid Javid and the politicians if they test positive, but us oldsters?  I don’t believe it.  Moreover, is it any good at all or just political ‘good news appropriation’?  Where’s his infection diagram such as the magic one that Vallance, Whitty and Johnson had for ‘herd immunity’, that would save the country and NHS?  

I'll share my own thoughts about this anti-viral since Savid Javid gave no details and did not tell us where we can get more information on it.  I might be wrong but what can I do?  I’m using my common sense as Boris Johnson has recommended in lieu of Sajid Javid pointing to an evaluation from a source independent of Merck and of course the Government.
Here’s a diagram for the progression of SARS-Cov2 infection from the Math+ treatment protocol for hospitalized patients developed by Professor Paul Malik, Chair of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. Professor Malik is also a critical care doctor at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and heads the not-for-profit FLCCC Alliance.  Anti-inflammatory therapy is only one of the therapies applied to this complex disease but I'm using the diagram here to show the characteristics of disease progression.

Let's consider intervention with Sajid Javid's anti-viral that is given when symptoms appear.  In the diagram the infection curve at day 1 appears to commence at the point where first detection of the virus can be confirmed by lateral flow or PCR test, which would be 4-7 days after infection.  There has already been about 40% of viral replication but there are no symptoms.  This would be the earliest point at which the Merck antiviral could be administered.  It would be useful but expensive and impractical at the present 50,000 infections/day (and rising) when we have only 480,000 courses.  Vulnerable people should have it at this time if they test positive.   When symptoms appear - headache, cough and fever (Days 5-12, phase II of the diagram), which is the planned time of intervention, the virus has already reached or passed peak replication, ie, the course of infection is well advanced and every day means that the anti-viral is of less value.  It could still have some value, but the optimum point has passed and it's not clear whether the infection will be serious.  By the time you start having breathing difficulty and blue fingernails, which show that you need urgent intervention  (from day 12, phase III) and you’re taken to hospital to receive your expensive anti-viral, replication has almost ceased and its curve shows a low level.  An anti-viral isn’t any use at this point.  The virus has spread throughout your body and already initiated the consequences.  Treatment from this point on should for the consequences of the past infection - now inflammation, low blood oxygen as on the chart and coagulation for example.  Blood vessel inflammation and thrombosis in the lung capillaries are beginning with consequent tissue damage and the possibility of immunity collapse (cytokine storm) with breathing failure (day 15, phase III and later).  The cytokine storm appears to be due to an immune over-reaction to dead virus fragments, so it does appear that if the anti-viral actually works and is administered prior to symptoms it could be very useful in averting this phase by reducing virus particle numbers.  That's unlikely to happen for reasons of expense.  If the price were £13.75 (cost) which is what it should be for the course, every person in the country aged over about 8-10 could have their 10 tablets or whatever for the purchase cost of Savid Javis' 480,000 courses.  The course could be commenced with a positive asymptomatic test. That's why the government should be financing and controlling the ownership, production and cost of anti-virals, masks, other PPE and vaccines.  That's management.

It appears from the simplest evaluation that this anti-viral will be of very limited use if administered when symptoms are established.  Given at the point of asymptomatic detection it would help the vulnerable if it does in fact kill the virus, but will we over 80-year-olds get it?  Doubtful.  The over 70s?  Over 60s?  We know for certain from Dominic Cummings that Boris Johnson is willing to let the elderly die.  It's they who comprise most of the deaths. So much for his talk about 'guarding the elderly and vulnerable'.  Patrick Vallance, Chair of the SAGE advisory group had taken no action for months while he and the government had the country on a planned trajectory for 3-600,000 deaths.  That’s who our pandemic managers are.  So, from the curves of replication, oxygen levels and inflammation in the progress of infection, the outrageously expensive Merck anti-viral looks as if it’s usually going to be administered too late to give much benefit except to the manufacturer.  Sajid Javid and the government are trying to announce positive developments for which they can take the credit and have us forget the deaths and damage they’ve caused to date.  And throw money at the pharmaceutical companies rather than using their brains and recovering the morality on which our country and civilization are now precariously based.

While mentioning symptoms, it's now known that asymptomatic infection and recovery from infection with minor symptoms gives long-covid type tissue damage in a substantial number of cases, including from US reports, in college students and even children.   The government's advice has always been that asymptomatic infection and infection in young people can be ignored.  Patrick Vallance said on television that most people were not harmed by the virus.   That is not the case and as far as I know it hasn't been made widely known.  As well as variants, it probably underlies the big push at the moment to get young people and children vaccinated.  In March 2020 I said to Chris Philp MP that the government was making unwarranted assumptions about the behaviour of this virus because I knew it to be probably an engineered virus.  I say that I knew it at the time to emphasize that because this was clear from publicly available sources and the Sage Committee and government must have known it either from their professional knowledge and resources, or advice from our BSL4 Porton down Laboratory.  Porton Down, by the way, will have produced reports on the virus itself, which have never been made public.  They should be.  The public pays their salaries and national security will be enhanced.

We need a cheap prophylactic antiviral, that is, one that kills or drastically reduces replication of the virus from the moment of infection.  Vaccines don't kill the virus.  They reduce replication but they also lock us into dependence on Big Pharma and never-ending vaccinations according to the government’s present ‘living with the virus’ policy. (Is it a real policy or the new kind of policy that in future they can deny was ever a policy like ‘herd immunity’?)  Vaccines also have side effects that are apparently more numerous than the government would have us believe.  My feet swelled badly with inflammation two weeks after my second Astrazeneca shot.  My GP said on the phone “It’s something that happens to old people in hot weather”.  I disagreed and reported it to the NHS yellow card side-effects.  It looks like sensitization to me and has made me think very seriously about whether to have a booster.  These are new vaccines produced on an emergency basis and credit has to be given for that, but in reality their mass use against this engineered virus is without the usual rigorous testing that vaccines normally have.  Giving boosters of a vaccine different from the original vaccination is being done on a try-it-and-see basis, no matter what the pharmaceutical companies and Government say.  It seems to be safe but where are the test results, the independent evaluation or any independent information for that matter.  I would like some good information because in my case it might kill me and who would bother about the death of an over-80s person who will probably die in a few years anyway?  Certainly not the government.  This is how it looks now.

The mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna are a new departure from traditional killed or fragmentary virus vaccines such as the Astrazeneca and have never been used on a large scale before, if ever, to my knowledge.  Nothing is known about their long-term effects and interactions.  True, it’s an emergency and cost/benefits have to be weighed but the fact is that the strategy of vaccination as a first line of defence is absolutely wrong.  The big assumption has always been that this virus will behave like the ‘flu or other common viruses.  It hasn’t done that to date, particularly with respect to quickly creating variants of greater lethality and infectivity and the phenomenon of 'Long Covid' which is tissue damage, particularly to vital organs such as brain, kidneys and liver.  As mentioned, a proportion of asymptomatic infections cause detectable tissue damage, which has serious long term implications for repeated infections following vaccination. That's certainly not like the 'flu which still dominates the government model. Following Boris Johnson’s advice, my common sense and strong factual evidence tell me that it’s engineered as I’ve discussed previously.  This is always denied by the SAGE virologists who have metaphysical faith in a mythical animal as the viral intermediary between bats and humans.   Seriously, they’re knowingly deceiving the public.

The UK government in particular as well as many other governments have not to this day taken SARS-Cov-2 seriously.  They've made an appalling mess of both public health policy and the development of prophylactics, anti-virals and vaccines. They should have subcontracted development of these to have control of their ownership, costs and distribution.

We’ve never had any UK Government advice on augmenting natural resistance or on prophylactics.  Nor has the Government ever taken effective non-pharmaceutical action because such actions would free us from dependence on vaccines and cut off the flow of our money via the government to the pharmaceutical companies

Vaccines are not the answer.  We need a cheap prophylactic anti-viral that can be distributed to everyone and thought-through public health measures.  Let’s think about that, where we are in this pandemic and where we’re going.  In summary, our government is not in control of SARS-Cov-2 never has been and hasn't tried to control it. The SAGE physicians and virologists must have known that the virus was probably from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and engineered.  They never acted on this, which raises grave questions about their motivation and their anomalous strategy of 'herd immunity by infection' - the only one in the world and contrary to established medical principles.  We have been told nonsense in the past about the virus and are still being told nonsense about past and present management of the pandemic.  There is no transparency or honesty.  If the government won't act for the country, others in the Medical Sector who have relevant knowledge must take action in defence of the population.  Failure to do this means more unnecessary deaths from the virus together with its associated public health problems and further social and economic disruption.  The future is bleakly uncertain.  It is unrealistic to think otherwise given the events of the last two years.  The Government and Parliament won't act so the Medical Sector and citizens will have to act.  The government is conducting an experiment in someone else's strategy and we're the rats.  Even government ministers, much less our politicians generally don't recognize it because they're only thinking of their careers, financial and party interests.  There's a bigger picture.  I know what an experiment looks like and I don't like the trends of this one.