UK Government Covid Herd Immunity Policy

A policy of homicide

Comment by Christopher King

30 April 2021


In January 2020 the Johnson government and its SAGE advisory committee adopted a policy of ‘herd immunity’ to counter the Covid-19 pandemic. This required the virus SARS-Cov-2 that causes the disease to spread widely in the UK population.  They announced it in March 2020.  This is why no positive action to counter the virus was taken until the first lockdown was necessary and why the UK currently has over 127,000 deaths from this virus.

It is ironic that Captain Tom aged 100, knighted by the Queen, died of Covid-19, probably due to the policy of the government that flew its flags in his honour at half mast over Nos.10 and 11 Downing Street, the Prime Minister eulogising him.  Captain Sir Thomas Moore is an example of the impact of Covid-19 on 127,000+ other people who have died Covid-19 associated deaths.  127,000 is a statistic that holds no meaning for us but each individual was a life that was equally valuable and a death equally tragic.  I am aged 81 and would like to reach 100 myself.  Captain Tom would doubtless appreciate that if I were to be infected with SARS-Cov-2 I would probably not survive either.  I hope that he would not mind my mentioning him in saying something about this virus and our government while I have the chance.


The objective of the government's ‘herd immunity’ policy was not to prevent infection and thus to save lives immediately.  The objective was to have the population become infected to gain long term immunity. There was also a nonsensical idea that allowing infections would avoid overwhelming the NHS.  The government and its experts knew and said at the time that this policy would lead to the deaths of many people.  Due to that policy, many tens of thousands of persons, most them elderly, were infected and died or suffered debilitating organ damage.   It was a homicidal policy.  As such it should be examined for criminal liability.

The government is postponing an inquiry to the distant future where, if it occurs at all, it will be further postponed and made meaningless as the Iraq War inquiry was by time obfuscation and obstruction.  The pandemic is far from over.  We have never had the obvious prevention measures used by Australia and New Zealand which are Covid-free. From the beginning we have had a ‘herd immunity’ and vaccines policy, not an infection prevention policy.  Until vaccines were available, immunity would be obtained by infection of the population.  That is why so many people have died.

Why a vaccines policy rather than standard pandemic procedures?  Because Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor to the government was previously a director of Glaxo Smith Klein, a pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines.  A vaccine policy concentrates government money into a single corporate sector.  It also locks the public into it.  An infection prevention policy is neither a vaccination nor ‘herd immunity’ policy.  An infection prevention policy would have numerous low technology components such as providing masks, training, movement restriction, border quarantine and above all, training for the public and advice on the virus's characteristics. It would have engagement with the population, not instructions from political press conferences.  It need not incorporate vaccines at all if successful.  Why would the SAGE committee go along with the ‘herd immunity’ and vaccines policy? These are university academics and researchers.  Pharmaceutical companies are a major source of university and other research funding.  Government Covid-19 policy is not about public health.  It's about money.  Money is also tied to the origin of the virus itself.

What, exactly, is this virus?  In February 2020 I emailed my Vicar prior to his closing the church that there was good reason to think that it's an escaped bio-weapon.  It came from the vicinity of the Wuhan BSL level 4 laboratory so this was a very high probability.  A copy of my email is included in this discussion.  So what did the government know at the time and what do we know now?  We must bear in mind that this is not about science.  It's about vested interests.  There is a great difference to vested financial interests between a naturally mutated virus from the Wuhan market and an engineered one from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.   There is also a great difference between SARS-Cov-2 and the annual 'flu virus to which Patrick Vallance, Chris Whitty and Boris Johnson likened it.  The dangerous variants that we now see could have been predicted from the experts’ knowledge of the recombination characteristics of coronaviruses - more on which below.

It was clear from their announcements in March 2020 that the government and its scientific and physician advisors would take no positive action to protect the public, my family or myself.  They gave no positive help.  We had to guess how to protect ourselves to avoid being killed by their ‘herd immunity’ policy of allowing SARS-Cov-2 to spread in the population. There was such confusion that NHS managers were sending infected people back into care homes with deadly results.  Morover, Boris Johnson’s claim that this was not government policy is a lie.  Like Matt Hancock’s claim that the NHS was never short of PPE when front-line workers of great courage were dying for lack of them.  We have come to expect lies from our politicians and they pass unchallenged, to be forgotten. Please see two emails to my MP Chris Philp dated 16 March 2020 included in the discussion below which gave him my views at the time of the experts’ ridiculous theories, assumptions and policy.

Boris Johnson, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance insisted that they were following the science and they did.  Their 'herd immunity' policy was in fact scientific but it was not ethical, compassionate or related to the values of what it is to be human. The job for SAGE and the government was to prevent deaths by preventing infections.  They chose not to do it and to have 'herd immunity' by permitting infection. This is never mentioned now because the deception and damage was done between January 2020 and 23rd March 2020 by general infection of the UK population..  This is the reason for 127,000+ deaths and counting, together with great suffering, social disruption and economic destruction.

As well as deaths, the government has created a never-ending vaccines trap due to its initial herd immunity-by-infection policy and the tendency of the virus to create dangerous variants in this and other countries.   It is attempting a cover-up by now talking about our achieving herd-immunity-by-vaccination.  They are not the same.  We should not rely on vaccines but also use the anti-pandemic means employed against the first SARS epidemic to reduce infections.  These make it manageable by local action and careful use of vaccines. As in the first SARS epidemic this virus needs to be extinguished.

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