Saving Europe and Ukraine With President Putin's Goodwill

A suitable proposal by President Putin might save Europe from itself

Comment by Christopher King


I have appealed through my Member of Parliament (MP) for the British Government to take into account the consequences of our supporting Ukraine with weapons and other actions against Russia with a suggested initiative to de-escalate the war.  Responses from both my MP and the Minister for the Armed Forces (appendix below) show no understanding of the situation or willingness to undertake any initiative.  That being the case, the alternative is to make a similar suggestion to the Russian government.

Russia will have a minimum requirement for a stable relationship with Ukraine such that it would be willing to cease its existing military action.  Russian trust in the USA and Ukraine has been lost.  I suggest therefore that Russia might offer the European countries the opportunity to consider conceding Russia its requirement for ceasing military action and to persuade Ukraine to comply.  Since Russia intends to continue the war and create what security it can on its own terms, an attempt to stop hostilities by this or similar means is in Europe’s best interests.  The USA has intentionally created dissention, damage and war in Europe among its friends and allies.  It is not clear why the European countries tolerate this.  In their own interests they should explore all possibilities for stopping this war and stabilizing relations with Russia.

Is Europe Saveable From Itself?

President Putin has legitimate concerns that have not been conceded to him.  Nevertheless, he might yet show goodwill and give the European countries an opportunity to save Ukraine and themselves.   It would cost him nothing, do no harm, is easy to do and he can lose nothing by offering the opportunity.

The course of events, fog of war and propaganda have obscured how the Ukraine war occurred and particularly the underlying conflict.  The underlying conflict is between the USA’s global ambitions of dominance versus an independent Euro-Russian economic region as agreed with Russia at the 18/19 October 2010  Deauville conference by Dmitry Medvedev with Angela Merkle and Nicolas Sarkozy on behalf of the EU.

To date, Mr Putin has been negotiating with the USA and Ukraine.  It has been increasingly clear since the 2008 Bucharest NATO conference that it is useless for Russia to negotiate with the USA or its Ukraine client.  That conference agreed that Georgia and Ukraine would join NATO, bringing the USA's armed forces to Russia's border.  The USA’s publicly stated global ambitions include war on Russia and its defeat, no matter the cost to Europe, which is now plain to see.  Critical facts are these:

The USA’s visible initiation of this war was 18/20 February 2014 when Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary of State arranged or collaborated with killing demonstrators and police in Kiev’s Maidan Square in a coup against the elected government, contrary to civil and international law.  She was recorded planning the USA's replacement president on 27 January 2014.  This was murder.  When people are murdered every human in the world knows that a boundary fundamental to law and civilization has been crossed.  Victoria Nuland and the USA Ambassador Jeffrey Pyatt appointed a pro-USA President to Ukraine. Their President Arseniy Yatsenyuk banned the Russian language and both condoned and carried out murder in attacks on the ethnic Russians of the Donbass who did not accept the coup.  It was only after the USA’s coup triggering Russia's Crimean referendum and its defence of the Donbass that the USA and European leaders vilified President Putin and Russia as aggressive and expansionist. 

These facts are indisputable.  By murder the USA and its proxies broke the most basic law that protects human society and civilization within Europe and its culture that is also the foundation of the USA's own culture and law.  Nevertheless the EU's leaders who were on the periphery of the coup and endorsed it, still believe that these murders are negligible with Europe now outside law and both Europeans and Russians being killed at the USA's instigation.  This is not theoretical or merely philosophical.  When murder occurs, no matter how distant, we not only know it, we feel a mental shift toward insecurity.  The boundary to the oldest prohibition in all human relations has been crossed.  We are now at a point when treaties of expedience with NATO and the European Union are being given precedence over murder, with consequences that we now see both in Ukraine and Europe itself.  It is not only that Russia does not see these murders as negligible.  European leaders are neglecting to reflect about who they are, what Europe's ethics are and Europe's future.

The facts show where the pressure for the present war and Europe's trajectory in NATO originates.  The aggression does not come from Russia.  It comes from the USA.  The victims are Russia, Ukraine and Europe who have been induced to fight each other.  None of the aggressor USA’s personnel are being killed.  They spend huge funds to intensify the war.  The USA mainland is an ocean away behind its nuclear shield, safe from any conventional or nuclear Russian attack.  The USA’s nuclear shield over Europe is a myth and public fraud and always has been.  The USA would be instantly annihilated if it were to attack Russia with nuclear weapons in defence of Europe as is well known.  

For these reasons there is no point in Russia having any further negotiations with the USA or Ukraine.  The only possibility for stabilizing the situation is for the EU and other European leaders to make agreement direct with Russia.  NATO is now a framework for USA aggression against both the EU and Russia.   It is proven dysfunctional for Europe. 

The EU's leaders will not approach Russia.  It is my hope that President Putin will, from goodwill, invite the European leaders to make agreement with Russia before any further escalation of this conflict.  This is the only possibility for bringing damage to Ukraine, Europe and Russia under control.  A clear point of decision is needed at which Europe takes its own decision for its future: Will there be war or peace?  There are no winners among us by making agreement; there are only losers by continuing as we have been.

In this video, Colonel Douglas Macgregor, former Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Defence gives his evaluation of the present situation in Ukraine.  It is his view that President Putin attempted a low casualty, low destruction invasion but underestimated the willingness of the Ukrainians to fight, as well as the weapons support that would be given by the USA and Europe.   He has now made a strategic withdrawal.   Mr Putin is committed to continue the war because Ukraine’s political status is vital to Russia’s security.  He is now resolved to end it quickly with overwhelming force.  Ukraine will be flattened.  If Colonel Macgregor is correct European leaders will also have had this evaluation from their own military sources.

According to Ukrainska Pravda, at the Ukraine/Russia negotiations in Istanbul, Russia made its minimum requirements known to the Ukrainian side, so the EU already knows approximately what is required.  This was when the Russian army had halted short of entering Kiev.  Ukraine and Russia were talking.  The UK's Boris Johnson unexpectedly intervened and persuaded President Zelensky not to make any agreements with Russia because Russia had proved to be weak and Ukraine could defeat it with Western help. 

The Mirror tells us that Mr Johnson has since been paid the sum of $326,000 (£276,000) by the USA, with  more to come, arranged by the billionaire Rupert Murdoch.  Mr Murdoch appears also to have made arrangements for Tony Blair's rewards for cooperating with the USA in attacking Iraq.  That attack is now well known to have been based on the USA's lies and propaganda and so is the USA/EU/UK narrative of the Ukraine war.  Similarly, both Europe and Russia are under attack with the EU colluding in damage to itself as the factions created in Iraq did.  Europe's leaders need  a shift in perspective.

How this war commenced is simple to understand.  It is because Europe’s leaders knowingly endorsed the murders of the Kiev coup as if they were of no consequence, simple crimes for which within any country the perpetrators would be sentenced to prison for life, or in some to death.  This regression to savagery has happened before in Europe within living memory.  

I have written to Archbishop Welby.  He prays for Ukraine, which I hope will be effective.  My friends, I will tell you something that Archbishop Welby, Pope Francis, Metropolitan Epiphanius and Metropolitan Kirill should tell you.  After a savage European war seventy years ago, with crimes and deaths beyond imagination, Europe has again reverted to human sacrifice as mystical and futile as carried out by the Old Testament nations surrounding Israel and at times Israel itself.  Human sacrifice is the attempt to gain benefits by killing others.  In biblical times it was dissonant with the deep shared human memory of who the Jewish people were, the collective subconscious that supported Jewish culture.  It is profoundly dissonant with European culture based, however precariously, on Jesus.  There are consequences.



Text of a reply from the UK Minister For The Armed Forces, via my MP Chris Philp, to my suggestion that the UK might attempt to de-escalate the Ukraine war.  I see nothing in it that shows any understanding of events, their causes, their possible consequences or willingness to seek de-escalation.  Although the Minister states willing, the spirit of his words does not.  

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Ministry of Defence


Our ref: D/Min(AF)/JH MC2022/03391e

Your ref: CP42780


Telephone 020 7218 9000 (Switchboard)

March 2022

Thank you for your email of 11 March 2022 on behalf of your constituent Christopher
King of (address deleted), suggesting an alternative approach
to de-escalating the war in Ukraine. Mr King has asked we consider the strategy that
President Kennedy adopted to de-escalate the Cuban Missile Crisis by ignoring
differences and negatives and concentrating on what positive actions were possible.
He suggests that a positive morally based approach should be used.

Putin's assault on Ukraine is an unprovoked, premeditated attack against a sovereign
democratic state. Never serious about engaging in diplomacy - focussed only on deceit
and furthering territorial ambitions - the Russian Government has lied to the world and
to their own people. The UK and our allies will hold the Russian Government to account.
We stand with Ukraine and will always defend the Ukrainian people's right to choose
their own destiny.

Though the UK and our allies tried every avenue for diplomacy until the final hour, we
conclude Russia was never serious about engaging in diplomacy. Putin was always
determined to attack his neighbour, no matter what we did.

Throughout this crisis, NATO, individual Allies, and our partners have made every effort
to pursue diplomacy and dialogue with Russia, including at the highest levels, and made
many substantive proposals to enhance the security of all nations in the Euro Atlantic
region. NATO has repeatedly invited Russia to talks in the NATO-Russia Council.
Russia has still not reciprocated. It is Russia, and Russia alone, which has chosen

Putin has denied that Ukraine has any "tradition of genuine statehood", claimed that it
posed a "direct threat to the security of Russia", and hurled numerous other false
accusations and aspersions. This position is entirely unacceptable and breaks
fundamental tenets of international law. We call on the Russian Government to halt its
aggression now, withdraw its forces and abide by the international commitments it
signed up to freely.

Chris Philp MP
House of Commons

(page break)

Please reassure your constituent that we and our NATO Allies are ready for substantive
discussions in good faith with Russia. This dialogue would cover what Russia says it
wants, from strategic nuclear weapons and force posture, to exercises and incidents at
sea. This is a serious offer which would improve European security for Russia and
NATO. But these talks must be based on de-escalation and an end to aggression
against Ukraine. Our channels of communication with Russia remain open, including
through embassy staffs in London and Moscow. The means through which we can
conduct dialogue exist, but it is Russia's willingness to conduct meaningful dialogue
which remains the issue
We will continue to support the Ukrainian Government in the face of this assault on their
sovereignty and territorial integrity with this unprecedented national and international

I hope this response reassures your constituent of the work the UK Government and UK
Defence to de-escalate the conflict and ensure European security.