Does The FBI Seek Trump's Evidence Of An Obama-Planned Nuclear Attack On Russia?

A nuclear first strike on Russia from Ukraine fits the accusations against Trump

Comment by Christopher King


As a European I’m not in favour of nuclear war against Russia, especially launched from Europe.  Russia and Ukraine have been central to the Democrats’ accusations against Donald Trump.  Now the FBI is searching Trump and his associates for documents related to nuclear weapons.  Vladimir Putin worries about a nuclear first strike from Ukraine and I do too.

This article is speculative as it must be, given government secrecy.  Yes, it's a theory of a conspiracy -  the Ukraine war.  There’s war fever in Europe led by the USA without European thought of where we're being taken.  Russia was a friend to Europe after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  In 2010 the European Union and Russia wanted to form an economic union.  The 2014 Kiev coup and Kiev's attack on Ukraine’s ethnic Russians by the USA’s military-globalist complex prevented that happening and caused the present war.  It now looks like a plan for a NATO war on Russia.  I’m sure that the Pentagon will consider a first-strike nuclear attack a good way to start.  It all seems to be about crushing the development of a European-Russian economy, crushing Europe's economy and crushing Russia.


What does Trump have that the FBI is looking for?

The Democratic Party and the FBI have been relentless in extraordinary attacks on Donald Trump from the time of his appointment as President to the recent raid on his home.  While President he was accused of being a Russian agent who was helped by Russian interference in the 2016 election.   The Democrats commissioned and paid for the Steele Dossier, with Russian connections, as a false basis for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants under which searches, interrogations, prosecutions and harassment of Trump and his supporters were conducted by the FBI.  Wider searches of Trump’s supporters’ houses are continuing.

It appears that President Obama personally approved the accusation that Russia hacked information from the Democrats’ computers for Wikileaks as part of the demonization of Russia that was linked to Trump.  There was never any proof but the security services said what the government wanted to hear.

Trump was accused of ‘Having betrayed his oath of office, national security and the integrity of the country’s elections’ in a failed impeachment process. There was the official Muller investigation which found nothing whatever against him.  All accusations against Trump are now known to be a fabricated charade that at first appeared to be a crude political ploy to keep him out of politics.  He was a political outsider who had promised to ‘drain the swamp’ of political corruption.

It was considered so important to have Joe Biden elected President rather than Trump that we now know that the FBI visited Facebook and other social media companies to have them restrict coverage of the material found on Hunter Biden’s, his son’s, abandoned laptop.  A poll indicates that this highly pejorative material would probably have given the Presidency to Trump in the 2020 election if the FBI had not suppressed it.  

What is surprising is that the Biden Democratic government and the FBI have continued their harassment of ex-President Trump, culminating in an unprecedented raid on his home and the seizure of documents.  President Biden appears to have personally approved applying for a warrant for the raid. This warrant, that the government is attempting to keep secret, apparently demands the surrender of all documents produced during Trump’s term of office. 

An FBI raid on an ex-President for secret reasons is beyond extraordinary.  Clearly, the FBI are seeking documentation or personal notes relating to Democratic and/or President Obama's activities that Trump acquired while in office.  These matters must be of paramount importance and must also relate to the efforts to impeach and drive Trump from office with accusations of collusion with Russia.

The FBI was originally searching for evidence allegedly received from Ukraine or Russia, about the Democratic Party and the Bidens that was supplied for the purpose of influencing the 2016 election.  If Trump were proven to have solicited or received such information he would be in breach of federal law and might be prosecuted and barred from standing for election in 2024.  Hunter Biden’s laptop contained considerable pejorative material on the Bidens’ activities in Ukraine and China but that was not foreign-supplied and the FBI suppressed it.   No foreign-supplied information was found after intensive effort.  The attempt to fabricate evidence with the Steele dossier failed. 

What is of concern to Europe is that at present the FBI warrant for searching his home is to find documents about nuclear weapons and/or secrets. 

Linking Trump with both Russia and nuclear weapons is a new development.  I wish to explore this because the Ukraine war visibly commenced in Kiev in 2014 but it originated in Washington USA where this amazing charade against Trump is being played out.  In passing, it’s also where the Covid-19 virus originated with Anthony Fauchi, Chief Medical Advisor to the President.

Trump is not a Russian agent.  That has been exhaustively and publicly investigated.  It’s obvious that the Democrats’ concerns and FBI’s searches are not about what Trump has been doing in or out of office but of nuclear secrets about Russia that he learned in office.  If Trump talks about them he will be in breach of national security laws, which was how his responses were limited by the accusations of his collusion with Vladimir Putin.  These baseless accusations prevented him making constructive dialogues with Russia when the civil war in Ukraine required constructive initiatives prior to the Russian invasion.

Ukraine is where Russian, European and the USA’s interests collide and provide a level of importance to warrant the extraordinary accusations against Trump in office and the continued search for documentation when he is out of office.  Let us examine the Ukraine war, bearing in mind that the USA’s ambition is to achieve ‘full spectrum dominance’ and to ‘contain’ Russia and China’, all publicly stated.  For ‘contain’ read suppress, neutralize or destroy.  ‘Containing’ Russia is obviously the reason for moving NATO eastward and is consistent with the strategy of Zbigniew Brzezinski, the USA’s Polish-born geo-political guru who had a grudge against Russia and is credited with enmeshing Russia in its failed war in Afghanistan.  (In passing we should note that it was in Afghanistan that the USA trained Usama bin Laden and provided him with weapons against Russia.  The USA is repeating Afghanistan policy, now in Europe, and Europe is going along with it.  Remember how that led to the 9/11 WTC attack?  Will it be different this time?)

Under Democratic President Obama, the USA prevented EU-Russian integration, arranged the 2014 Kiev coup,  attacked the Donbass, started the civil war and shot down Flight MH17, all to blame Russia (the Malaysian President doesn’t accept the report and I don’t either.)

Under Republican President Trump the civil war continued but was frozen in intensity.  No further major incident occurred.
Under Democratic President Biden, on November 10 2021, Ukraine’s President Zelensky signed the US-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership that triggered the Russian invasion.  The war in Ukraine is a war by the Democrats.  It was started by Obama, was frozen under Trump and restarted with escalation by provocation by Biden.

I suggest that the Democratic Party’s concerns and the FBI’s searches are about what Trump knows and what documentary evidence he has about President Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s plans for use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.  One would expect him to know the whole plan - preventing EU-Russian economic integration, the Kiev coup, the present war followed by a contrived NATO attack on Russia with nuclear weapons, since they have been mentioned.  Obama will have signed off the war to the present.  It's the plan for the future that we should be worried about.  Trump knows what it is and I don't think he likes it.  The USA is determined to win the war that it planned and triggered Vladimir Putin into starting, which I do not say to excuse him.  Putin has reacted to the proximity of NATO to Russia and the USA/NATO control of Ukraine with intelligence support, advisors, trainers, CIA and Special Forces personnel and weapons.  He has always said that this is his concern.  The reason is that it gives the USA the advantage in a nuclear first strike on Russia.  Putin is right to be concerned.  This is the greatest danger to Russia and to Europe. 

Europe should be concerned about the possibility that Obama planned a nuclear attack from Ukraine on Russia, that Trump wouldn’t go along with it and Biden has taken it up again.

That is my hypothesis and its worth taking into account.  The Democrats’ hatred of Trump and their extreme actions can only be explained by something of this magnitude.  The FBI is attempting to find evidence - even handwritten notes - of something of great importance that the American public and wider world won't like and this fits very well.

I suggest that President Trump, on taking office, was given a military briefing in which he was informed that a plan was in progress, approved by Obama for a first-strike nuclear attack on Russia out of Ukraine and that Kiev’s civil war against the Donbass was preparatory for this.  President Trump had said during his election campaign that he could do a deal with Vladimir Putin.  He thought of US, Russian and Ukraine relations in business terms.  It seems he has had entirely legal business interests in Russia, so he knew Moscow and people there and wouldn't like the idea of nuking it.  In any case, like any sane person he doubtless didn't like the idea of a nuclear war at all and cancelled the nuclear attack plans.  Of course the Democrats would hear of this and go into panic, accusing Trump of colluding with Russia to prevent him from using this information and hopefully to drive him from office.  

Now that Trump has left office, Obama and the Democrats are clearly worried about what documents or personal notes Trump has taken with him. Hence the extraordinary raid on the ex-President’s home and wide-ranging search for all documents prepared during Trump’s term of office - also extraordinary.  And they’re fighting to prevent the warrant made public because it would reveal what sort of information Trump has and also why they took such extreme actions against him while he was in office.   Nevertheless, we do know that it's about nuclear weapons and Russia which  means either that Trump’s a spy or it’s about a nuclear attack.  Trump isn’t a spy.

A First Strike Nuclear Attack On Russia Out Of Ukraine

The USA’s (read as the USA's Military-industrial complex’s) Pentagon staff have been modelling nuclear attacks on the Soviet Union and Russia for about 70 years.  That is nothing unusual.  Russia does it too.  The USA and NATO had a justifiably defensive posture in relation to the Soviet Union.  Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union the USA’s Military-industrial complex has expanded to become a USA-led Military-globalist complex.  The leaders of this entity have made no secret of their ambitions to ‘contain’ both Russia and China and achieve ‘full spectrum dominance’ of the world, that is, to control or rule the world.  In its present war against Russia this complex (called here the USA)  has now achieved, through NATO, control of European military policy and control of Ukraine.

NATO’s expansion eastward and the war in Ukraine are planned developments aimed at suppressing Russia as an obstacle to the USA’s world hegemony objective.   Control of Ukraine gives the USA a base from which a nuclear attack with subjugation of Russia might be achieved.  Such an attack would aim to force the surrender of Russia if successful. If unsuccessful the aim would be to confine any nuclear retaliation to Ukraine or the European NATO countries while keeping the USA mainland free of damage.   This is a re-run of the 1960s ‘limited nuclear war’ plan for Europe that Kruschev circumvented by putting nuclear weapons into Cuba.

I suggest that the probability of a nuclear attack out of Ukraine on Russia by the USA is high because of the high ambiguity involved for Russia in deciding how to retaliate.  It might be based on the Kiev government making the attack.  A single device first-strike attack on Moscow, particularly if it should decapitate the Russian leadership might well have popular European and American public support.  The European public has been kept unaware that the Ukraine war is partly to prevent Russia joining the EU.  Against whom should Russia retaliate?  Ukraine?  The USA?  NATO countries? Such a strike alone would do enormous geo-political damage to Russia.  However, Russia might view it as a NATO attack due to NATO collusion, with risk of severe retaliation on the Western European countries.  

The USA would definitely be willing to have Ukraine as well as the European NATO countries subject to Russian nuclear retaliation if its mainland could escape damage.  The UK, the USA’s closest ally and supporter of the Ukraine war would be at greatest risk.  Once nuclear weapons are used the future development of the conflict is not forseeable.  All-out war would be very likely.

The European countries would not be consulted about such an attack which would be justified to them and the public as preemptive of a Russian nuclear attack, the details of which can't be revealed to protect sources.  No-one would believe it, but - too late!

The safe course for Europe is to disengage from all support of the Ukraine war both to avoid this risk and because it has become obvious that supplying weapons is damaging rather than helping Ukraine.  Russia cannot be expelled from Ukraine without overwhelming NATO effort that would be equivalently destructive and what then?  Such effort should be directed to constructive purposes and always should have been.   All possible effort should now be put into obtaining a cease-fire with negotiations before escalation grows uncontrollable.    Escalation to have Western Europe at war with Russia on behalf of the USA-globalists is clearly USA/NATO strategy.  A first-strike nuclear attack from Ukraine could well achieve that.

The Battlefield

In pursuit of world hegemony the USA has the world divided into six geographic military ‘commands’ that assert its interests and authority.  The world is the USA’s battlefield.  Every country in the world should understand that the USA considers that it is subject to the USA’s military-industrial-globalist hegemony, like it or not.

It would be a major task to list US plots, assassinations, outrages (eg torture, kidnapping, chemical weapons, uranium ordnance) interventions, revolutions and wars world-wide since WWII.  They are evidence that much as the USA talks peace, the reality is that it is the most aggressive country in the world, legitimized by its ‘exceptionalist’ rights, presumably granted by God.

A few years ago, the European countries colluded with US Central Command in suppressing its enemy countries Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.  The battlefield has now shifted to Europe where Russia is the enemy.  This is not merely a Ukrainian war in either the USA or Russia’s perception.  The Western European countries are the combatants within NATO, which is controlled by USEU Command and the Pentagon.  Do not be deceived.  The UK and Western Europe are now controlled by the Pentagon in a hot, shooting war with Russia. 

This is the USA’s attempt to suppress Russia in the first instance with China also in mind.  Both China and Russia are growing in economic influence and capability.  The trend is that in combination they will soon be impossible to suppress and have probably passed that point now.  The USA cannot suppress them both at the same time.  Therefore, because of the advantages that the Pentagon’s control of NATO gives in Europe, Russia is the first target. 

It has become obvious that Russia cannot be ‘contained’ by non-military means.  Sanctions have failed. Its currency has risen higher than it was before it invaded Ukraine.  It can sell all the gas and oil that it can produce to India, China and SE Asia and can buy whatever it wants through those countries as well as other neutral countries.  Russia is self-sufficient for food, most natural resources, industrial and financial systems and has no need for Western Europe at all.  Moscow's citizens will have a nice warm winter.  It is Western Europe that is suffering, ‘contained’ and controlled by the USA in the guise of NATO.   I described in my article of 12 July 2022 how the USA prevented the peaceful integration of the EU and Russian economies by its 2014 coup in Kiev and attack on Ukrainian ethnic Russians to start the current war.  It was not until after the USA-organized 2014 coup and Kiev’s attack on the Donbass that Russia was described as aggressive and Vladimir Putin was vilified.

Unless sanity returns to the minds of Europe’s leaders or citizens take action, the battlefield will not be confined to Ukraine.  The USA is determined to escalate its intervention but clearly nothing can be decided by warfare within Ukraine.  The aim of this war is to suppress Russia; therefore the battlefield must extend into Russia itself using NATO.  The trusting belief that the USA will defend and save Western Europe in some manner in the event of retaliation by Russia is fantasy.  If the entire Eurasian continent were devastated but with the USA mainland left untouched this would be a good outcome to USEUCom, the Pentagon and the USA’s Military-Globalist complex no matter what they say.  They want supremacy at any cost to others as we saw in the Middle East.   We see it now by its manipulations in Ukraine where Ukrainian blood is being spilled in a proxy war that was without any doubt started by the USA.  Western Europe is already suffering huge economic damage from this war and will have a cold winter.  I don’t see the USA gifting us gas in comradely sharing of the pain its sanctions are causing.  They’re selling us ‘Freedom Gas’ at price-gouging rates.  That should tell you something. 

Europe has been deceived into warfare with Russia in which NATO, formerly a coalition of defence, has been transformed into a means of offence.  It is important to note that once the NATO countries become directly involved in fighting Russians or support a nuclear attack, even if only within Ukraine, the Russians will hold their countries responsible.  At present, the war with Russia within Ukraine is being fought on behalf of the Pentagon and USEUCom by Ukrainian personnel.  A wider war with Russia will be fought by NATO with European personnel responsible, with the battlefield both Russia and Western Europe.  That war has already commenced.  It only remains to be escalated to a scale useful to the USA, which the USA is clearly determined to do.  A first-strike nuclear attack, said to preempt a Russian attack, would give the European countries no choice.  It would probably be a full scale NATO attack and the Pentagon planners would be doing high fives.  Anyone who doesn’t believe that the USA would do this hasn’t taken an interest in how the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria came about and where Covid-19 came from.

The Parameters of A Nuclear Strike Against Russia

In the event of a conventional invasion of Russian territory the Russians will certainly retaliate with nuclear weapons.  Similarly, direct NATO intervention in Ukraine might well draw nuclear retaliation within Ukraine.

A reasonable assessment of Russia’s chain of nuclear command and conditions for nuclear retaliation is here.  As a fail-safe backup it is thought that Russia has a ‘dead hand’ response.  If the command structure should be totally disabled or under nuclear attack, an all-out counter-attack would be automatically launched.  This would mean total destruction of Western Europe and the USA in the present case, with whole-world effects.

If a nuclear attack against Russia is to be successful it should be in a manner delicate enough to disable the higher chain of command but not so powerful as to initiate a ‘dead hand’ response.  Low decision-level nuclear launch discretion should therefore be maintained.  A ‘first strike’ strategy offers that possibility.  The US military has always been obsessed with achieving technological superiority as well as first strike capability and we may be certain that it is seeking an opportunity to use both.

The USA’s First Strike Capability

Moving NATO eastwards has had two important effects: Firstly, it has gained control of territory and resources, particularly personnel, that are essential for a NATO war against Russia.  Secondly, its control of Ukraine gives it ‘first strike’ capability against Russia.  Moscow is only about 400 miles from the Ukraine Border.  That distance could be covered in about seven minutes by a vehicle travelling at 3,500 mph.  Emerging from the confusion of a war zone, detection might be reduced to five or six minutes.  Refinements and faster speed could reduce detection and Russia’s time for reaction further.

First strike is a surprise attack that would aim at decapitating, ie killing, the Russian leadership and destroying Russia’s command and control structure before a retaliatory response can be ordered.  For example a device might be detonated over Moscow at a time when the political and military leadership are there together, with or without targeting dispersed command and control centres.  This would create confusion, indecision and delay.  As mentioned, this would need to be achieved in a manner such that there would be the opportunity for NATO to threaten more widespread devastation in order to paralyse a counter-attack.  NATO Invasion and occupation of key sites might then take place, depending on the situation.

If such an attack were limited and were to originate from Ukraine any nuclear response from Russia would probably be directed at Ukraine or Western Europe rather than at the USA itself.  Without specific orders in a confusing situation, to launch against the USA mainland would be a decision that few if any lower Russian officers would be willing to take.

Arranging a first strike attack by the USA would not be difficult.  The US is bringing longer range missiles into Ukraine that might be suitable or they could bring in a specialized vehicle to carry a device for a primary attack.  Alternatively, USA personnel could bring in a suitable nuclear device and have the Ukrainians construct a delivery vehicle, eg a modified aircraft as a drone. Ukraine possesses good nuclear, technological and aeronautical skills, but technical advisors could be brought in if necessary.

The Ukrainian war environment is ideal for launching a first strike attack.  NATO has considerable control over the environment and can arrange events to make an emerging attack on Moscow difficult to distinguish initially from events in Ukraine. 

There is no sign of sanity emerging as a cease-fire with negotiations in Ukraine.  The trend is to escalation by the USA with the UK with other countries following.  Nevertheless, NATO’s direct involvement in Ukraine and even nuclear exchanges on Ukrainian territory will not achieve the USA’s objectives toward global hegemony.  The logical escalation for the USA is to arrange a first strike on Moscow, attempt to control the response and see what opportunities emerge for followup action. 

We can be certain that this has been extensively modelled by the Pentagon because it is so obvious once it is understood how ruthless the USA is.  Dr Anthony Fauchi’s creation, with US government support, of the Covid-19 virus in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, from which it was expected to escape, is the most recent evidence of that.

There is zero probability of Russia using nuclear weapons unless subject to nuclear or conventional attack.  To the contrary of the USA’s propaganda against Russia, it is the USA that is attempting to create a world empire.  It’s not Russia that has military Commands and over one thousand base facilities all over the world.  The probability is high that in pursuit of its ambitions for global hegemony the USA-Global complex will attempt to create conditions in Ukraine that will enable a nuclear first strike and NATO war on Russia.

What An Attack on Russia Means For Europe

The USA would not consult its NATO partners in executing a nuclear strike on Russia.  The first that European leaders would hear is that the USA has had to preempt a nuclear attack by Russia.  In the case of either success or failure Europeans cannot expect to be told the truth. 

What is certain is that the aftermath of such an attempt will be highly unpredictable.  Europe is much more likely to receive retaliation than the USA mainland.  Having Europe assume the risks would be very appealing for the USA, so making a USA-led nuclear attack from Ukraine more probable. 

Naturally, any nuclear retaliation by Russia against European NATO countries will inflict damaging effects lasting centuries.  Ukraine will be devastated no matter what happens elsewhere.  The UK’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss, questioned while campaigning, failed to reassure us that she had given any thought or even had any feelings about pressing the nuclear button.  She belongs to a generation that has has come to believe that war, much less nuclear war will never come to them.  They do not understand the consequences of their actions - or worse, inaction - and are letting the Pentagon do their thinking for them.  There is no doubt that Boris Johnson was subverted by Bill Gates who met with him on behalf of the Military-globalist complex.  That was why he had his first party, which wasn't a trivial thing at all. Dr Andrew Hill of Liverpool University discredited the anti-viral ivermectin to the World Health Organization, letting possibly millions die of Covid-19 - but gained a £40 million grant from Bill Gates and a payoff job as consultant to the Gates Foundation.  The Military-globalist complex is commencing its drive to control the world and kill off the useless people.  It's a Club and you and I aren't in it.  Hopefully Prime Minister Liz Trust will get up to speed on what is happening and act on behalf of the UK.   We need Boris Johnson in the criminal court.  He and Andrew Hill will be paid off with a lot of money but they're not in the Club as they think. Look at it from Gates' viewpoint.  He paid these people a few dollars to let thousands die.  Is he going to want them in his nuclear bunker with him or on his island?

I suggest to our new Prime Minister that the UK should get out of all involvement in Ukraine and get out of NATO.  NATO is the USA’s army of occupation in Europe that has already prevented peaceful European cooperation with Russia.  You may also be sure that the USA considers NATO to be its proxy army in a planned war with Russia. Hungary condemns both sides of the war in Ukraine, as I do, but does not send weapons and continues to buy gas from Russia.  It is acting in its own interests and also those of Ukraine.  If the USA wants to have a war with Russia, the European countries should attempt to dissuade it rather than joining in - in both their and Ukraine’s interests. 

All countries in the world should note that in the 1960s American analysts identified a development of nuclear war in which, once commenced, the United States should launch nuclear attacks on all other major world countries, including friendly countries and non-combatants.  This followed the logic that if the United States, were to be ravaged by a Soviet attack, Mexico or Canada might wish  to seize part or all of its territory.  Alternatively, other countries such as Brazil or China might do so and in any event would continue to develop economically and would be in a position to suppress US recovery and surpass its development.  I didn’t make that up.  The American mentality conceived that strategy and there's good reason to believe that it has not changed.  The Ukraine war is a ‘spoiler’ war for Russia and Europe.   It is a mentality inconsistent with our Christian based culture.  Every country should note it.

I have no particular liking for Mr Putin, Russia or the Americans.  Both  Russia and the American Deep State / Military-Industrial-Global Complex are acting against all civilized and Christian ethics in carrying out this war.  Nevertheless, the evidence is clear that the Americans intentionally planned and created the conditions to provoke Russia into its invasion.  They have succeeded in blaming the Russians for the Ukraine war, but the USA killed first in Kiev and in attacking the Donbass using Ukrainian proxies.  I suspect that they are planning to escalate this conflict by using nuclear weapons again.  Should they do so, they will again blame Russia.

Europe is in grave danger because its politicians and population have no memory of the USA’s unprovoked wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria as well as many other countries only a few years ago.  They have no knowledge that the USA prevented Russia from joining the European Union in 2010.  Followers of the BBC are unaware of the USA’s role in initiating the Covid-19 pandemic in China and that the globalist Bill Gates’ money discredited the cheap anti-viral ivermectin, leaving millions around the world to die.   It’s considered of no importance that the USA used nuclear weapons against Japan, dioxin against Vietnam and Laos, uranium and phosphorus munitions in Iraq, drone assassination in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, kidnapping and torture in Guantanamo prison and many countries - as well as the usual bombing and shooting.  Then there are its many lesser wars, subversions, assassinations and interventions.

The USA’s military-globalist complex has captured Europe’s politicians, policies, media and armies and is using them for purposes consistent with its past record.   The future for the UK and Europe looks bleak.  Please see in my article of 1st June 2022 a table as my analysis and proposal for how to actually help Ukraine rather than wrecking it as well as Europe itself.  There's been a lot of blood spilt since then, with feelings higher and hardened.  This is the momentum of war and it's being used by the USA with enthusiastic support from our PMs Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.  Remember what this is all about: Russia wanted a neutral Ukraine without NATO that could make deals with both the EU and Russia.  Best of both worlds.  Now Ukrainians are dying and Europe's economy is crashing to assert Ukraine's right to join the EU and NATO?  It doesn't make sense because that's not what it's really all about.

The United States claims to be the ‘[shining] city set on a hill’ of which Jesus spoke, having exception from the morality and laws that others must follow, evidently granted by God.  I don’t think so.  That is a self-serving justification for crime and leading others into crime.  If the USA is excepted from European Christian morality it has no morality.  That is what we see.  We must believe what we see, not a ridiculous fantasy.  Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland committed a grave crime in killing people in the 2014 Maidan coup and the attack on the Donbass, crimes originating in Washington USA.  In Kiev the USA military-globalists killed people numbered in tens so that thousands could be killed in the Donbass and hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions in Russia, Ukraine and Europe itself, captured by NATO.

Europe took two thousand years to develop the Christianity-based culture that the rest of the world is using as a model. It is now following the crimes of the USA and its self-styled exception to the morality underpinning European culture.  That will end Europe’s cultural stream of development.  It will continue elsewhere as that of Greece ended but inspired others.  Whether by nuclear means or otherwise, the USA-globalist objective is obvious - war between NATO and Russia.  Europe has been corrupted.  The EU has made the same mistake as communist Russia did in believing that culture is based on economics.  Culture is based on how we treat each other.  When people are being killed there's something wrong.  For Europe to survive, perhaps for the world to survive, Europe needs to reflect.  Everyone needs to choose and act. 

12 September 2022

(End of document)