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11 April 2024
Messing with God won't end well for Israel

Jewish/American neo-conservatives (Neo-Cons) are starting wars - any wars - to protect Israel.  They’re helped by Western politicians who believe that the Jews are God’s Chosen People.  Their war with Russia in Ukraine, commenced by (Jewish) Victoria Nuland in the 2014 Kiev coup, is taking us to nuclear war.  This policy originated with the Jewish think-tank Project For The New American Century whose members took over the USA’s foreign policy.  Jewish slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza demonstrates Old Testament ethics and Israel's capture of the USA, NATO and Western foreign policy.  The Jews are creating another holocaust for themselves and need to reflect urgently on this.  Their God and His ethics are 4,000 years old and past their useful date.

1 February 2024
A Palestinian Collective Memory Project

I've submitted this Project to countries of the UN Special Committee On Palestine as an ethical response to Israel's war on the Palestinians.  Its aim is to record individual Palestinians' experience of the Nakba and subsequent events as a basis for the Palestinian People's recovery of their culture, identity and an economy.  The Jewish ambition for a Jewish state has given rise to the murder of Palestinians with theft of their land for over 70 years.  The current war follows the annihilation model of Israel's biblical conquest of the region about 3,500 years ago.  It was extreme at that time and is unacceptable now.

13 September 2023
The motivation for American exceptionalism and the right to global hegemony

The USA's recklessness is due to its Elites' belief that they are fighting with God to protect Israel as God's Chosen nation.  Christian Elites in the US, UK and EU are members of the Friends of Israel who believe that Jesus will return imminently in Israel to bring the Rapture, Apocalypse and Kingdom of God.  In protecting His Chosen People the USA is granted exceptionalism to wage war and it appears, to assume the role of global hegemon to make the world safe for Israel and Jesus' return.

8 April 2023
The origins of Christian warfare

Wars originate in people's minds.  What is in the minds of people who support the Ukraine wair but go to a Church that carries Jesus' name?  The coronation of King Charles III confirms the relationship between the Christian Church and the State originating with the Emperor Constantine.

8 April 2023
The Ukraine War end game - The USA's objective is to annex Russia

The USA is determined to remain the World Hegemon.  To do so it must not only 'contain'  Russia and China but also develop a much more powerful economy.  This will require control of much greater additional resources.

6 February 2023
A Pentagon Strategy:
We get Russia and China to nuke each other

The USA has made no secret that it wants to 'contain' Russia and China, but how can it do that?   The Ukraine war fits this model.

19 December 2022
The Ukraine Minsk Agreement's failure - Angela Merkle confesses to France and Germany's deceit

The Minsk mediators, France and Germany used the Agreement to gain time to arm the country for war against Russia. How does that exercise in deceit look for Ukraine and Europe following the Russian invasion?

2 December 2022
Saving Europe and Ukraine with President Putin's goodwill

Putin and Medvedev wanted to integrate the EU and Russian economies, not a war. I posted an appeal for Russia to put a war-or-peace decision direct to the EU countries rather than the USA or Ukraine.

14 September 2022
Does the FBI seek Trump's evidence of an Obama-planned nuclear attack on Russia?

President Trump was subjected to extraordinary false attacks about his supposed collusion with Russia while in office. On leaving office these continued with an FBI raid on his home looking for documentary evidence of something new - nuclear secrets.  What's it all about?

23 August 2022
How Ivermectin was discredited

Ivermectin is a re-purposed drug that many clinicians are successfully using to treat Covid-19. Its use was discredited in favour of vaccines.. Dr. Tess Laurie gives compelling video evidence.  We wanted an anti-viral and got a genetic engineering experiment.

12 July 2022
The reason for the USA's war in Ukraine

In 2010 with peace, NATO  had no function in Europe. The Europeans wanted USA nuclear weapons removed and the EU and Russia agreed at Deauville to integrate their economies.   The 2014 Kiev coup with murders and Kiev's attack on the Donbass prevented it.

1st June 2022
Boris Johnson's parties' importance to the Ukraine war and Covid

Boris Johnson's parties during lockdown were probably his recruitment by Bill Gates and the Military-Globalist Complex.. I propose to my MP that we de-escalate the Ukraine war with the tactics that the Kennedys used to de-escalte the Cuban Missile Crisis.

30 January 2022
Covid-19, Anthony Fauci, Patrick Vallance, Jeremy Farrar and UK Herd Immunity policy

The evidence is that the USA Military and Anthony Fauchi created SARS-Cov-2 in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  UK Government advisors colluded with Fauci to suppress examination of its laboratory origin and were middle-men to get Boris Johnson in touch with Bill Gates and the USA Military-Globalist Complex

18 January 2022
The ivermectin controversy and boosting Covid immunity

The Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance uses ivermectin that the USA government has made difficult to source as well as using false claims against it. Ivermectin is evaluated as cheaper and better than patented anti-virals.  Immunity can be boosted by vitamin D3.

14 January 2022
The Coming of the Omicron variant

As always the British Government takes no effective action to prevent this variant infecting the population and gives no useful advice or assistance, particularly to the elderly and most vulnerable.  All emphasis is on vaccines.

4 November 2021
After two years, Covid-19 in the UK

The FLCCC group is the only well-known group actually treating Covid-19. The British Government releases its review to whitewash and gaslight its performance.  The pharmaceutical companies' anti-virals are useless.  Boosting natural immunity is the best defence.

22 July 2021
The illusion of Freedom Day and Big Business

Boris Johnson is unconcerned that Covid is 'only killing the over-80s'. Bill Gates and George Soros are buying a UK testing company and getting UK citizens' medical data.  There's huge confusion about vaccines and vulnerability.

31 May 2021
The SARS-Cov-2 Indian variant, Dominic Cummings and Consultant Zero

The Indian variant arrives without Government preventive action.  Dominic Cummings gives damning evidence to a Parliamentary Select Committee.  It's clear that someone is secretly feeding policy from an external source to the UK government. The UK's SAGE Committee advisors are useless and Ministers have no idea what they're doing.

30 April 2021
UK Government herd immunity policy - a policy of homicide

On 14 February 2020 I email my church vicar that Covid is probably a bio-weapon.  Research papers prove Wuhan Inst of Virology taught viral engineering at Uni of N. Carolina. 16 March 2020 I email my Member of Parliament that Boris Johnson and his advisors are incompetent, doing nothing and talking nonsense.  I am alarmed at the lack if information and inaction of the Government. Until April 2021 I attempt to find out who is reliable, what should be done and who might be willing to take action outside the useless UK Government.